Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Actuary

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I. Great afternoon to Ms. Parimala and my fellow schoolmates.
II. The subject of my discussion today is Benefits and drawbacks of Being an Actuary. What is an actuary?
Experts in threat management
Uses mathematical abilities to determine possibility and increase of future occasion Useful information to many markets
III. The benefits of being an actuary are High earning capacity
Corporate respect received
IV. Nevertheless, the downsides are
Examination requirements for development
Demanding and effort
A. Advantages
a. High making potential
Actuaries makes incomes well above average
Entry level work commonly pays between 000 and 000.

Typical annual income for an actuary was $87600 according to Bureau of Labor Stats Actuaries are well compensated, which differ substantially according to years of experience, industry and responsibilities Refer to the income chart, experienced fellows with ten years experiences have possible to make from $130000 to $500000.

b. Business respect.
Actuaries earns broad regard in business and financial community Actuaries frequently command a good degree of regard from fellow colleagues Actuaries are offered authority within a company and business environment Actuaries handles top-level tactical decisions which can have a positive impact on legislation and businesses.

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B. Disadvantages.. Examination requirements for advancement
It is a long and hard process to be a qualified actuary, on average of 5 to 10 years Besides the degree program they had completed in university, they need to pass all the professionals SOA exam papers Upon graduation, there will still be hundreds of hours of study and revisions all the while still having to go to work d.

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Stressful and hard work

Daily routine of an actuary can be a rather stressful ordeal, being dealt with numerous tasks of analyzing statistical data Presenting reports and explaining their implications to managers and directors within specific deadlines Considering the risk of financial decisions for employers is some level of stress Continuous of stress can rather be tedious, feel meaningless and pretty boring Conclusion

I. In conclusion, I would like to end my presentation by saying II. Summary of main points
a) Advantages
High earning potential
Gain in corporate respect
b) Disadvantages
Examination requirements for advancement
Stressful and hard work
III. Q & A

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Actuary

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