Advanced Level Diploma in Diabetes Essay

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Advanced Level Diploma in Diabetes

Together with an identified fellow student a written patient education report regarding a planned diabetes group education is to be completed and presented during a seminar. A suggestion is to study the text book: The Art of Empowerment by Anderson & Funnell (2005).

Diabetes group education

In UAE diabetes self-management education has been highlighted as a cornerstone in diabetes care (Al-Maskari et al 2013). In order to get patients to manage their diabetes it is needed to arrange possibilities for special diabetes group education sessions for persons with diabetes. Many patients in UAE might have poor metabolic control and they have poor knowledge regarding why. Furthermore many people need to increase their ability to perform life style changes (Alhyas et al 2013). The traditional diabetes education was based upon telling patients what to do. However, the more was learnt about diabetes education the focus has turned more to the patients´ views of living with diabetes (Anderson & Funnell 2005).

Considerations when arranging group sessions for persons with diabetes: Theoretical educational approach – your own pedagogical view and ability; in this circumstances you must have the nosogogic perspective (an adult person with a chronic disease). Setting, time, day of the week

Budget, cost, payment, and fees
Who and number of participants in each group
How often the group meets and where
How you start a group session
How you interact/communicate with group members
Any learning aids to use
How you put/initiate questions in the group
How you evaluate the different sessions
How you work with and approach group discussions
What you do to get all patients involved in the sessions

Altogether the report should consist of approximately 6– 8 pages (not including the first page and the reference list). Your proposed group education plan will be presented and discussed with your peers during the tutorial session. After the tutorial session each plan will get written feed-back from the examiner. Grounds for assessment by examiners will be presented and published on ITSL.

C2 – Assignment 3 Group education plan/BS/AMW/18 August, 2014

Page 2

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Wikblad K, Leksell J, Smide B. (2004). “I’m the boss’: testing the feasibility of an evidence-based patient education programme using problem-based learning. European Diabetes Nursing, Vol 1 (1) p 13-17.

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