Advance Marketing Research Essay

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Advance Marketing Research

When dealing with marketing research the essential parts are linking the consumer, customer and the public through various ways of getting information to the marketer. The two vital parts of marketing research is the problem identification research and problem solving research. (Malhotra 2010). The NFL is a sport, which is dominated by men for many years, only recently has the NFL recognize the potential audience in women. They are now acting quickly so they can capture the different segment market to cash in and also to make women more aware and appeal about the sport. The underlining point to the market research question is how does the NFL market the league to women adequately. Marketing research can help address the matter of effectively marketing the league and finding out the role of marketing research when dealing with NFL.

The key role of marketing research is to acquire vital information so they can react to the markets offerings, which is to market the NFL league to women. Marketing research measures the information needed and even delivers NFL with valid, relevant, reliable and current actionable information for helpful research purposes. With the absence of marketing research, it is worth taking note that the NFL might have adverse effects with incorrect management decisions, which can later be costly. In essence for improved decision making it is vital that market research has a role to play.

Question 2

A management decision problem confronts the decision maker to make a decision as in what to do. The NFL wants to increase the market penetration in the female segment; in this case the management has to decide what angle should they move in to gain market penetration in the female segment. The decision that the management should make is to change the advertisement slots, which should focus on more female oriented products or brands in conjunction with the NFL. This will attract, appeal and increase the chance of women watching the NFL league hence: Should the NFL change or alter their current advertisement pattern?

Question 3

When decision makers are concerned with making possible actions it is information oriented that a marketing research problem is formed (Malhotra 2010). When dealing with the marketing research problem in the case of NFL, it is fundamental that the company must invest heavily therefore the NFL should undertake the following MRP: Promotional advertisements such as traditional and non-traditional forms of media to seize the attention of potential females who might become a potential follower and customer. Basically the marketing research problem is should the NFL invest heavily on advertising and promotional campaigns. It is important that the NFL should research exactly which media channels will be the most effective tools to campaign towards the female segment. This can be done through survey questions, interviews, focus groups and online surveys.

Question 4

Research questions are refined statements of the specific components of the problem Research Question 1: Do females pay attention to Advertisement? Hypothesis H1: Females watch television during their free time H2: Females do not watch television during their past time. Research Question 2: Is magazine a good medium to advertise NFL to the female segmentation? H1: Females buys magazines regularly

H2: Females does not read magazines regularly Research Question 3: Does female lifestyle suit the NFL’s environment? H1: Female lifestyle can be influence by NFL advertisements to watch the sport H2: Female lifestyle does not match the behavior of the NFL

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