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Adrian Monk Profile

1. Summary:

Adrian Monk was a good and talented detective. He was a police detective at San Francisco until his wife Trudy was killed in a car bombing incident. This led him to a nervous breakdown and got him discharged from his department. In all the cases he solved, it was only his wife that he was not able solve. He did not go out of his house for three and a half years. Sharona Fleming a nurse and an assistant, helped Monk to put himself together, by the support of his psychiatrist Dr. Charles Kroger. He was able to find a job as a private detective and a consultant in the San Francisco as he made a breakthrough. He got hindrances on his job to work well due to his obsessive compulsive disorder that got worse after the tragedy, number of phobias and fear of germs. (Monk (TV Series), 2009) Captain Leland Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Randall “Randy” Disher, who usually seeks help from Monk to solve cases. Captain Leland is usually annoyed by Monks personality disorder but he is always amazed by his ways of investigating and observing a case.

Obsessive compulsive disorder helped him find tiny differences and strange little things making him solved cases throughout his life. (Monk (TV Series), 2009) While solving cases, he tries to look for the people who murdered his wife. It was the only reason that kept him solving the cases. Even if it his life gets into trouble, he will find every people who was connected to the murder (Monk (TV Series), 2009). Sharona Fleming left Monk to live with his son and reunites with his husband at New Jersey. He got a disappointed when she left without permission because she knew he will find ways not to make her go. He found his new assistant Natalie Teeger as he helped her solve the case. Natalie Teeger who shops for Christmas Dinner in her negligence of buying grocery as a stranger put something on the grocery. Monk got poisoned by the person who works for the person that murdered her wife. He was dying since doctors don’t know the antidote for the poison.

He got sad that he was not able to solve his wife’s death yet. Since the day of Christmas was the day her wife died, he opened the present that he hadn’t opened for years. It was a videotape that Trudy made as she confesses the secret he never knew. She got pregnant to a married lawyer and she assumed that she was dead as he viewed the tape. He found out that she has an illegitimate daughter. Natalie also got poisoned and found out the source of the poison. He was able to solve the case while he went to the lawyer. He made him bury his garden and found the body of the mid wife who helped in giving birth to Trudy. The lawyer was arrested and Monk met Trudy’s daughter Molly Evans who is already 25 years old and working. (Monk (TV Series), 2009)

2. Describe Chosen Character

A. Background

Adrian Monk was a detective who got discharged in San Francisco Police Department after he made a nervous breakdown in the death of his wife. He cannot move on throughout the season unless if he found out who murdered his wife in a car bombing incident meant for her. He already got OCD from the very beginning and got worse after the incident. He won’t work for years until a nurse helped her Sharona that made him stronger and acknowledged by his psychiatrist Dr. Charles Kroger.

He got a job as a private detective and consultant for his good abilities of his observation and looking for the differences of cases. He was able to solve 200 cases throughout cases. He wanted to come back to be detective and has been rejected a lot of times. He is motivated by the death of his wife and wanted to solve the case. He can be annoying of his character of being perfectionist and a number of phobias that he made list of it. Everything changes when certain things that makes him comfortable i

B. Identify the Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions). Often the person carries out the behaviors to get rid of the obsessive thoughts, but this only provides temporary relief. Not performing the obsessive rituals can cause great anxiety. (Encyclopedia., 2012) * Obsessions or compulsions that are not due to medical illness or drug use * Obsessions or compulsions that cause major distress or interfere with everyday life. There are many types of obsessions and compulsions. Examples include: * Checking and rechecking actions (such as turning out the lights and locking the door)

* Excessive counting * Excessive fear of germs * The compulsion to repeatedly wash the hands to ward off infection The person usually recognizes that the behavior is excessive or unreasonable. (Encyclopedia., 2012)

C. Mention instances to support disorder

Adrian Monk counts every post on the sidewalk and count sit as he walks by. He makes sure his dishes have no smudges and any marks. He separates his garbage in many categories water, paper, and many more. He wants everything is on time. He vacuums his house in one direction and counts. He will repeat if he makes mistake. When he meets and shakes hand people, he uses wives all the time. He makes sure everything is in same color and organizes everything according to the dates and height of everything. He gets mad when someone touches his stuff and changes the way it is. He is very loyal to his product that he buys and does not accept any other brands. When he gets dirty, he is disgusted of himself and cries for help all the time.

3. What is the application of the movie in your life?

I will not always be perfect. I lived many expectations into my life that I hoped to make sure everything is set as I wanted. Which I try to control because I know it is not right to be controlling. I could hurt people by doing these things. What I like about this television series is that he made me realize many things. The more he makes mistake people loved him. Not all mistakes are right but exposing ourselves and accepting that changes who we are is a good thing. I should not push away people who love me back. I have to enjoy every moment to the people I love the most. Taking risk is a nice way to live a legacy and saving people could change our lives. I cannot choose the opportunities because sometimes we were chosen by it. I should take opportunities and push it away. I will never give up on every problem I faced.


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