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Adolf Hitler

Categories: HitlerThe Holocaust

Adolf Hitler was a notorious dictator over Germany during World War II. Hitler was a unique but complex individual that was heavenly influenced by his upbringing. Hitler became the dictator over Germany during the years of 1933 to 1945. During his dictatorship, Hitler participated in the World War II and was the cause of the Holocaust. The Great Depression provided Hitler with an opportunity to rule. Once

Hitler realized the opportunity to overtake Germany, he began to run for fuhrer. Hitler was elected fuherer over Germany in 1933 and began the rise of the Nazi party.

When the year of 1935 came around, Hitler had complete power. He started by beginning the Nazi army and separating the Jews from everyone else. The Jews were sent to very brutal concentration camps where they were held hostage and faced with death. At this time the genocide was in full attack. The mass murder of the

Holocaust lasted for approximately four brutal years and ended when the American troops invaded Germany and over powered Hitler.

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“Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria, a small town across the Inn river from Germany. ” (Hoffmanl). Hitler moved to Germany in 1893 and remained there until his death. As Hitler grew up he began to have many feuds within his household. Hitler mainly argued with his father, Alois Hitler. His father did not agree with his interest in art and German nationalism.

His interest fueled his evil ways. During Hitler’s earlier years as a child his younger brother, Edmund Hitler died.

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When Edmund died, the family had a falling out and resulted in many problems throughout the family. When Hitler grew up, he moved out of the house and had major money problems. When World War II broke out, Hitler Joined the army and was present in multiple battles. Adolf Hitler pointed out the Jews out of everyone in Germany. Hitler was very active in the German army and participated in World War l. World War I

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