Adolescents Essay Topics

Mass Media and Violent Behavior among Adolescents

Violent scenes have become extremely commonplace among different forms of mass media that is available to the public. However, the rise of many heinous crimes committed by individuals who have been reported to patronize different mass media which contain excessive violence have made many behavioral psychologists and other researchers to see if there is a… View Article

Moral achievements during adolescents

The adolescent period is marked by a number of physical and emotional changes for individuals. During this period, an individual strives to move from the identity that is dependent on parental and societal influence in to one that is determined by the individual. The purpose of this paper is to review the moral developments during… View Article

The Navigation of young Adolescents from elementary school to Middle School

The period of young adolescent is a very challenging and transformational period for the child. There are tremendous bodily and mental changes taking place which places significant amount of stress on the children, as well parents and the educators involved in dealing with this age group. This age group requires an unusual and sensitive team… View Article

Protective Factors for Adolescents from Dysfunctional Family Dynamics

The family is the major social unit for emotional development in adolescents. The family is an integral social system, held together by strong bonds of affection and caring; at the same time, family members exercise control, approval, and dissent for each other’s actions (Husain & Catwell 1992). As part of this interaction, every family has… View Article