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Admissions Essay

The realization that education is a critical component of my professional and personal success has been a gradual realization for me. However, I believe that with my current conviction about the importance of education, I will be able to achieve great success in Central Washington University’s MBA program. As a teenager I did not always understand the importance of education in regard to my professional and personal development.

During my high school years and early college years, I cared more about sports and hanging out with my friends, than getting good grades. As a result, my grades suffered and I did not benefit as much from my classes as I could have when I was younger. Throughout these years, my Dad encouraged me and tried to motivate me to put more effort into my studies. It was through his positive encouragement and an accounting class that I took with Ms. Smith that finally changed my entire outlook on education. Not only did Ms.

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Smith pull me aside and tell me that I was not working up to my potential, but she made me see that what we were studying really mattered to my life. I realized that if I was going to be successful in life I would have to apply myself and master the material I was learning in my classes. Since I came to this realization, I have been working harder in all of my classes to become more knowledgeable and educated person. Currently I am working to ensure my academic success by working hard in my classes and preparing to get a masters degree in business administration.

I now put my classes as top priority in my life and also use my free time to better myself as well. As a younger kid I gave very little thought to what I did in my free time, and thus spent the majority of my free time playing video games and hanging out with friends. However, as I have come to my realization that education and knowledge are critical to my personal and professional success, I now prefer to read books and other publications about all sorts of topics to develop my understanding of the world I live in.

Furthermore, I have taken a variety of math and business classes as an undergraduate student to better prepare myself for my career goals. To ensures my success in these classes, I have consistently taken advantage of professors’ office hours and tutoring sessions whenever I need extra help in a certain area. My primary goal is to get a Masters Degree in business administration in order to gain the knowledge and experience I need to start my own business.

I am extremely eager to learn as much as possible about succeeding in the business world, and I believe that Central Washington University will feed my thirst for knowledge with quality classes and knowledgeable professors. I hope that this program will help me accomplish my goals by teaching me the leadership skills, strategic planning skills, as well as the general knowledge I would need to be successful businessman. I also believe that both the students and faculty at CWU will be people I can relate to and learn from.

I have also heard that this specific program at CWU strives to give its students as much hands-on experience as possible to better prepare them for the real-world. This educational philosophy is aligned with my needs as a student, and it will help me to turn my ambitions into a reality. I believe that the combination of hands-on-experience, motivated peers, newfound skills will help me to achieve my lofty goals once I finish this program.

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