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Admissions Essay

Even since high school, I feel that I may have grown used to thinking that I will become a successful nurse someday. I envision myself, being like my two elder sisters who are nurses, being one of the best in this line of work. However, I do not regard this profession as a mere line of work. It is not a mere responsibility foster and nurture people, even unfamiliar ones. I honestly believe that there is a thin line between harboring life, and putting it in disrepair. I acquired my zeal for nursing since I was still in early high school. My two elder sisters, as mentioned, are also nurses.

Sometimes being able to see them work, most of the time seeing them looking after patients’ health, as if it was their own, observing them obtain the satisfaction from helping other people…these are just some of the reasons that make me admire the people in that field of work. Moreover, my life experiences thrust me to practice Nursing and really put my life into it someday. My younger brother, who is indeed very dear to me, almost died when he was 8 months old. As what I was capable of understanding at that time, his temperature reached 107.

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5 degrees, triggered by an ear and throat infection, which almost took his life. Throughout his illness, he was not able to do a lot of daily activities without someone to assist him. So, as his sister, I was there to look after him. I was there to nurse him, to assist in his needs, and make sure he was doing fine, at least that was what I can do. It is not that I am singing my own praises. It is just that, somehow, I feel that without someone to help or assist a sick person, he may not have been able to overcome such an illness.

I am pleased and fulfilled to say I have taken care of my brother and helped him get through his ailment. I may have served as a support system for him, as well as my own family, in making things better, making him better, and keeping that thin line between life and death from becoming thinner for my dear brother. Sometimes when I look back to this experience, I tend to tell myself how possible I would have lost to death someone who is very close to me. I knew I did something for him, for him to get better. And somehow, that made me feel fulfilled.

Thus, that gave me the inspiration to really push through a career in the future, such as Nursing. Inspired by my two elder sisters, enthused by my younger brother, I said to myself, I want to become a Nurse someday. Pursuing this field of interest is not just for and as my college course, but as a lifetime craft and vocation. It is not a mere money-earning job for me. Rather, as what I see from my siblings, I picture it as a self-fulfilling, people-caring job. I have lived my whole life in the small town of ____________.

And in this small town, within the twenty years of my life, I have also been exposed to doing community work. I do volunteer works once a month at the nursery in my church at ______________. There, I teach three and four-year old children. Throughout doing this, I developed in myself the love for little children. That is why, when I become a nurse someday, I would really want to experience working specifically in relation to Pediatrics. Taking care of babies and innocent children feels like serving the satisfaction of being well appreciated.

As far as what I have experienced, when children are well taken care of by adults, they give them high regards for making them feel well, especially when they are sick. Still, even if other soon-to-be nurses think that pursuing this career is a fast way to earn money by either staying in this country or going abroad, I still would prefer working at my little town where I grew up. When I finish my college degree as a Nurse, I would want to start working where I developed by passion for taking care of other people.

It is because ___(Name of town)__ is where I will owe my success, hopefully. Besides, I also believe it is always a good deed to start helping your family and neighbors first, before you get on with the big world. At least, it would be a very good and fulfilling experience if I would be able to help my small town, in my small ways, at the start of my career. Since I am going to college soon, hopefully being able to pursue Nursing in ____Name of University___, I would be able to fully enhance and invigorate my passion for taking care of other people, and particularly their health.

Because of my life experiences, especially with regards to my brother, I realized how important life is. And people need people who will take care of them when they are sick, people who scientifically know about health and who emotionally values life. And I believe I possess the qualities that it takes to become one good and successful nurse. One day, I told myself, I will be like my sisters. Dressed in clean white uniforms, taking care of my kin.

As far as I know, nurses are indeed in demand here in the United States and in other continents like Europe. But I would prefer to stay here and serve my family and the rural town where I grew up. By the time I graduate, the need for nurses may have probably risen and I will be there to practice my profession, nurture and take care of people and live up to the care I have done for my brother and the inspiration I got from my sisters. And pursuing this as my college degree would be a step closer to my dream.

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