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In other words, an analytical essay is not a meager summary but a profound and narrow analysis of a subject based on actual facts and credible opinions. At the same time, an author must not persuade but rather explain the argument’s strength through some examples and detailed analysis. The key components of the essay would be as follows:

  • Your argument also known as the thesis statement.
  • The body part consisting of your analysis and examples to support the thesis.
  • The conclusion.

Analytical essay types

Some of you may not know that analytical essays can be of different types. Namely, there are five of these. Below, you will find a short description to learn about their diversities:

Cause and effect essay

It is based on your analysis of how a certain event or concept impacts something or its effects in general. Basically, you are to find the reasons that precede a particular issue and examine its influences. Note that this type of writing is sometimes referred to as a reason and result essay.

Classification essay

A classification essay is known for its complex structure. You should research the nature of the subject and classify it into a group or category depending on certain similarities. This type teaches students to break a more general topic into specific parts; the purpose is to learn how to prove your subject’s belonging to a particular category.

Comparison and contrast essay

For such an essay, you need to either contrast or compare two subjects (or do both in some cases). The primary reason is to show your reader the barely discernible similarities and differences between the two subjects.

Definition essay

This type of analytical essay is quite a common writing task for students. The idea of a definition essay is to carry out careful research and find enough credible sources to explain a chosen concept, term, or event, using examples to support it.

Process essay

An analytical process essay is a rather unusual type of essay. The essay serves as an instruction that guides a reader. To put it simply, a process essay explains how to do something. These papers are very pedantic, as you must consider every step and additional tools required to complete a specific task.

Hints on writing an analytical essay

There is nothing complicated in writing an analytical type of essay, as long as you are aware of some critical moments.

Select a topic

If your teacher gave you a complete carte blanche to choose the topic on your own, this part is for you. If not, you can skip this step. Still, if you see that the assigned topic is broad, you may ask to select a more specific subject to make sure you handle it. Note that choosing the right topic is critical, while you can take on a complex concept, and it would be rather challenging to write an analytical essay on it.

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