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Admission Essay

When I was a young boy my preoccupation with pulling apart different sorts of machines, mechanics and electrical, and constantly asking myself questions on why things work in the way they do took much of my personal time. Nearly two and a half decade later the story has remained the same though phenomenology at high-energy colliders, QCD, neutrino and Higgs Physics, CP violation, super symmetry and string phenomenology, matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe and gravity form the cast.

I am cut out for particulate physics and any other alternative for instance production engineering that I was pushed into by my parents does little to quench this thirst. My goal in studying for MSc Theoretical particle physics is out of intent to seek a doctorate in the same area. There is no doubt on the role played by particulate physics in the developments being witnessed in areas of computing and industrial development; it is my personal prerogative to be a part of this development.

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An MSc in Theoretical particulate physics will provide me with a chance of learning specialist Mathematical tools required to succeed in attaining doctorate level education that will pave way to continual collaboration with research groups in Europe while maintaining links with my home country to foment developments in physics. With the realisation that I was interested in particulate physics, I dropped out of the lucrative production engineering course to seek my dream. There are few people who are truly aware of their dreams and fewer can take such a bold step.

The motivation behind such a move is the love that I have nurtured for particulate theory ever since I was young and the realisation that attainment of personal goals is a variable that determines the level of satisfaction one attains. The levels of commitment that I have displayed towards attainment of my personal goal has in fact been central to the success I have recorded so far and may play a part in understanding complex theoretical issues that underlie particulate physics.

Communication skills and personal attributes are an important factor in determining the benefits one can accrue in any undertaking where success is dependent on two separate entities. The black belts I have earned in martial arts have played an appreciation of patience and accommodation of others’ failures. Appreciation of diversity in human nature has not only been developed from interaction with different people in the many forums and talks I have attended but is also a result of the stint I had working part time in a cocktail bar.

These skills that play a part in ensuring effective communication will play a critical role in ensuring that I effectively interact with others in both practical and academic circles which are critical to ensuring gain of skills, theories and experiences that are important to both personal and professional development. Though I first considered taking Production engineering a mistake that cost valuable time, I have come to appreciate the effects that knowledge gained from this practical course has in developing a clear mapping between theory and practice.

Theoretical particulate physics is aimed at discerning relationship upon which engineers develop their structures. An understanding of particulate physics is of no good to the society if a grasp of practical application is not developed. A background in practical application of theoretical physics developed by the production engineering course presents a suitable platform in ensuring that I use knowledge gained from the graduate course for social good. Hard work is essential to attainment of any objective. Despite a language barrier, I am on course attaining an honours degree in B. Sc. Physics with an average of 2.

2. The theoretical knowledge from multiple disciplines gained from the undergraduate course is relevant to graduate level education. My active participation in personal research, forums and talks places me in an advantageous position with regards to development being made in particulate physics. It is apparent that I not only have the ability, but also skills, motivation and attitude to make the most out of graduate school. Presented with a chance to attain my goal, a number of lives will be affected by the forums and talks I will organise and findings in particulate physics that form the basis of future engineering.

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