Administrative Feasibility of Taxation

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Administrative Feasibility – means that tax laws, rules and regulations must be capable of being administered and complied with. Citizenry must easily understand its application for its compliance. No matter how willing and able a taxpayer in complying the mandates of a tax law if he could not comprehend, he could not fully comply the same without lapses. Notably, each error in compliance is penalized and good faith is not always a good defense.

Administrative Feasibility – means that tax laws should be capable of convenient, just and effective administration.

Administrative Feasibility – The tax system should be capable of being properly and efficiently administered by the government and enforced with the least inconvenience to the taxpayer.

Administrative Feasibility – this principle connotes that in a successful tax system, such tax should be clear and plain to taxpayers, capable of enforcement by an adequate and well-trained staff of public office, convenient as to the time and manner payment, and not unduly burdensome upon a discouraging to business activity.

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Administrative Feasibility – tax laws should be capable of convenient, just and effective administration. Each tax should be clear and plain to the taxpayer, capable of uniform enforcement by government officials, convenient as to the time, place, and manner of payment, and not unduly burdensome upon or discouraging to business activity.

Administrative Feasibility

The law must be convenient, just, uniform and effective in their administration free from confusion and uncertainty. The applications of administrative feasibility are:

The collection of taxes at source Assigning of duly authorized banks to collect taxes, and Quarterly filing and payment of income taxes The Department of Finance is the principal agency of the government for taxes administration.

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It has executive supervision and control over the agencies, such as: Bureau of Internal revenue (BIR) Bureau of Customs (BC) and Tariff Commission (TC) Land transportation Office (LTO) Duly and lawfully authorized collectors.

Local offices in charged to enforce local taxation:

Provincial, City, Municipal and Barangay Treasurers Provincial and City Assessors Provincial and City Board of assessment Appeals: and Central Board of Assessment Appeals

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Administrative Feasibility of Taxation

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