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Administrative Ethics Paper Essay

Essay Topic:

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In the health care setting for administrators there is an ongoing occurrence of ethical issues implicit in daily activities. A health care administrator we have assignments to the business as well as to ourselves to help the customers and our coworkers who accommodated and checked the patients within the company. The information technology system is growing rapidly this is an ethical issue for the administrators that always shows itself within the company and that is the confidentiality of data. Confidentiality information is private, facts about another person, company, etc.

in a health care setting confidentiality is patients’ medical information stored into a system by the company. When working in the healthcare fields there are some rules concerning confidentiality, and they are; know the facts, have decision-making skills that control confidential data, and have some ethical alertness.

The significance of developing ethical alertness is being able to handle confidential data, boosted education, and conversations regarding these problems should happen within the company to give pessimistic opinions of the coworkers and this could assist them to get through the conversation, conservative views, and moral instruction, this could take along groundbreaking ways for coworkers and other to efficiently to reply hard data, and this potentially could come into view.

As an administrator, we are avowed in by morals to value the confidentiality of data we intake, and use for the company. Confidentiality data can have but is not restricted to, staff private data and recompense records. The issue and impact on the population that affects most will be explained in this case study; this will be the scenery for the moral examination of problems an administrator linked to revealing confidential data regarding a worker.

We have a nurse name Michelle, who is the leading nurse at a hospital with 250 beds. Michelle has worked in the administration field for three years and thinks highly of herself compared to the other coworkers in the company. When it came to decision making Michelle always found a way to disagree. Michelle acknowledges that the company is unstable from general duties of the company price extracting and also includes employee reduction. Michelle acknowledged that the gross was high that it usually is, and this could cause hardship in the working environment that will also consist of workers not certified and obligatory overtime. Michelle thinks these problems were due because of the altering attitude of the hospital managerial team. We have Nurse Jackie, who is the second head nurse; she has worked in the nursing field for a few years. She is mothers who use to stay-at-home and take care of her family (husband, and daughters).

When Jackie’s children got older Jackie wanted to go back to work. Jackie’s husband realized with his paycheck and her paycheck combined they would not have enough funds to support their daughters for college and their tuition increases every year. A position at the hospital opened for her to apply for and Jackie’s husband thought that would be a superior idea for Jackie to apply for it because it could assist him and her on helping their daughters with college. Jackie got hired, although her nursing knowledge has not been streamlined. Jackie thought that because she was not a permanent staff worker there that they would not ask her to do much so she took on more hours. The administrator for nursing name is Karen; she is also associates with Michelle. These two ladies have had issue regarding quality of care. Michelle began drama regarding supple workers pool nurses to work on the medical units to Karen’s attention, without an acceptable answer.

Karen’s workers were arbitrarily assigned in various parts of the hospital, which made it hard for Karen to monitor her staff. Karen’s view of Michelle is her certainty that the nurses ought to have awareness in every aspect of medicine, whereas Karen think this is idealistic considering they go in various assorted areas. Jackie began to see work as a stressful environment; she did not get to make friends with any coworkers because they were constantly moving around to different departments. She gave out medication to patients who did not recognize her. When Jackie had a question she would ask the physician, and they would not answer her so she would ask Karen for help. Work for Jackie was becoming unbearable, but her husband did not care he was happy to see the paychecks coming in and wanted her to keep working overtime because it was helping his and her savings big time. Jackie felt trapped because she wanted to lessen her hours at work, but her husband wanted her to do more hours so in result Jackie began to taking drugs, she knew this could affect her job, but she needed to do this to decrease her stress.

Jackie’s changes were not noticed for a while until she was told to work in the surgical area for a few weeks to assist an employee who was leaving for vacation. A pharmacist noticed a difference in giving out medication for example, a rare rise in narcotics and errors of signatures on the medication paperwork. The pharmacist took the problem to Michelle and Michelle did some investigating. Jackie was found guilty and Michelle went to Jackie’s boss who is Karen. Karen and Michelle talked to Jackie, Jackie admitted her wrongdoing, Karen resolute was for Jackie to go to a rehabilitation center and recover from this and when she does she could come back and work for the company.

Karen also chose to not tell the state board of Registered Professional Nurses. After these events occurred Michelle chose to have a meeting with the nurse manager of surgical unit, human resources director, and the chair of the nursing ethics committee to decide rather she needs to be more should have happened in a situation like this. Jackie does have the right to confidentiality, but Michelle thought this could be a good staff conversation. Karen believed total opposite; she believed this would break Jackie’s confidentiality. The problem at the meeting was confidentiality and the nurses having incompatible opinions of confidentiality and the impression on others.

Michelle believed that the way Jackie had act failed her position because patients were not treated correctly and other staff actions had been effect by Jackie’s duties so Michelle believed that meeting need to be held. Michelle believed the patient’s pain was impaired, and Jackie’s unwillingness harmed the patients. This was essential to her to demonstrate that the company was devoted to suitable action in giving a precautious workplace of knowledgeable workers/patients.

Examinations of moral questions have an organized procedure to decide and choose the best result a problem occurs when there are moral questions with various results. When a problem does not occur there are no moral problems. A great moral result is reliant on good problem recognition and detail meetings. There are many ethical reasons to maintain confidentiality, and some are; protect private data that will consist of respecting others, maintaining sureness, which raises open discussion. We all have the power and guidance to have accountability to exercise in a steadily moral way.


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