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Adidas: Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Adidas is a goods manufacturing company. It manufactures goods related to sports. It was discovered by Adolf Dassler in 1948. Adolf Dassler initiated its work by producing his own shoe and it was produced in his mother’s kitchen in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria after world war 1. His brother Rudolf was also interested in manufacturing work, so he joined Adolf Dassler in July 1924. They named their company by Dassler Brother Shoe Factory. But Adolf was not happy by this name and he changed it to Adidas in 1949.

This name was derived from his own name ‘ADI’ is from Adolf and ‘Das’ is from Dassler. After some years both brothers have a fight and due to this, they became enemies. Adolf has Adidas and Rudolf established his own company named ‘Puma’. Both brothers become business enemies and are opposite to each other.

These two brothers got separated and were running their own companies, Adidas and Puma. Both have strong competition among themselves. With this people are also getting confused that which is good Adidas or Puma.

Nowadays both brands are considered expensive, but people are more likely to buy Adidas. Adidas makes shoes, clothing, and other stuff but puma is the only a manufacturer of shoes. So, that’s why we can see Adidas normally and Puma is very rare.

The Adidas logo is very cool. It so difficult for everyone to select the logo of the company as the market wants a logo and Adidas does not have any kind of logo for 40 years approximately.

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Then from 100 ideas, one was selected. It was leaf-shaped having three leaves that were the sign of America, Europe, and Africa. It informs us that everybody is equal and is on the same platform.

The revenue of Adidas company is 14.88 billion in Euros that is 18.42 billion in US dollars. In Adidas company, there are 50,728 employers that work.

Adidas is a global industry that is producing sports-related goods. Adidas says that they are always focused on the comfort of the customers. The quality of each good is great and it feels comfortable. Adidas’ aim is to increase the social and environmental performance of the company and they want the lives of people that follow them will get better. In 1988 Adidas and Salomon company get together and due to this a new logo was launched. In this logo, there are two colors, blue and red. Blue is for Adidas and red is for Salomon.

Adidas has a slogan that says, “Impossible is Nothing”. It was developed by 180/TBWA in Amsterdam. The current marketing technique of Adidas is “Adidas is all in”. The aim of this slogan is to show equality in all brands and to present good material to the customer.
Adidas has a good advertising circle. They hire famous celebrities as their Brand Ambassador.

With the help of social media and all, they advertise a lot. Adidas supply their goods to 570 factories in the world. In Asia, they have connection with 18 countries and supply their goods to them. From the Manufacturing unit, the goods are delivered to the country warehouse and then they move to the stores around the country.

Competitors of Adidas are Nike, Gucci, Puma, Lacoste, Reebok, Converse. Adidas is in a good financial position now. Adidas have strong international trade and distributive chain. They are strengths of the Adidas company. It also has some weaknesses as Adidas have the high cost structure and due to this it has a limited product line and it also suffers from overpricing. Adidas have lots of opportunities as they have exceptions in emerging markets and increases demand in product innovation further they can changes the normal people’s lifestyle too. But this company has lots of taxes to pay.

Adidas has grown day by day and is still growing and this is due to their ethics and social responsibilities as every employer follow the ethics and responsibilities. They know common ethics and they have knowledge about this. “One of the Adidas Group’s core values is Integrity. For us, this means acting according to our values with all our stakeholders. So, we have an Employee Code of Conduct, rules around protecting our customers’ data and the Group’s Workplace Standards for our suppliers “. (Jawad, N.D.)

Social responsibility is a must in every company. Adidas have Standards of Engagement (SOE) that confirms the minimum requirement for labor, safety, and health. It is based on the World Federation of sporting goods that the person or companies who use the child as their labor are not allowed to trade with Adidas as they are not following the rules of employment laws.


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