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Adele Laurie Blue

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born on May 5, 1988 in North London, England. She was the only child of Penny Adkins who was just 18 at the time of her birth, and a Welsh father, Mark, who left the family when Adele was only 4 years old. Mark, who never married Penny, stayed in contact with his daughter up until her teen years, when appeared problems with alcohol. That is the reason why Adele grew close to her mom, who said her young daughter “to explore, and not to stick with one thing”. Adele developed a passion for musicin her early years.

Because of it her mother took Adele in the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology, where Amy Winehouse studied. While at school, Adele made a three-track demo for a class project, which was posted on her MySpace page. When executives at XL Recordings heard the tracks, they contacted the singer and, just four months after Adele had graduated school, signed a contract. Adele’s debut album, 19, hit record stores because of two singles “Hometown Glory” and “Chasing Pavements” which became very popular. She won Grammy and the Critics’ Choice prize at the BRIT Awards.

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Her album 21, selling 352,000 copies by its first week. Her two singles, “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You”, became top and 19 and 21 became a top albums in the same week. Adele also broke the solo female artist record for staying at No. 1 for 11 weeks. At that year Adele won six Grammies. In this year Adele won her seventh Grammy for her hit single “Set Fire to the Rain”, an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for the song “Skyfall”. Also Adele has a child. The baby’s father is Adele’s boyfriend, Simon Konecki. She said that she wants to have three sons by the time she’s 30.

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