Addiction to Junk Food

Everyday, millions of people consume the so-called addictive “junk food. ” Most of the people who do not have time, or find it affortable eat in fast food restourants such as McDonalds, Burger King, and many others. Junk food is addictive because of many reasons such as saving time. The junk food can be clasified in few categories – snacks, fast food, and soft drinks. First come the snacks, which are being brought everyday by millions of people who are not conserned about how unhealthy chips is and care only about how tasty it is.

It is hardly possible to pass McDonalds nowadays without stopping there and having Hamburger Menu with a big Coke. The second category are the foods from the fats food restourants (example is McDonalds), such as, hamburgers. A person will buy a hamburger because it is very good in taste but he or she does not consider what really is inside this “meal” and how those ingridians might harm his or her health.

Soft drinks are also a part of the junk food area. For example, Coke is being mentioned and associated with it are Fanta, Sprite and many other drinks without which people “cannot live.

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Soft drinks are incredibly bad for people’s health due to their high level of sugar and other components. In brief, all the mentioned examples of fast food and soft drinks should not be eaten by people; however, this works as a law, everything that people should not eat, they love and want and this is the addiction.

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In conclusion, it is normal to see a person nowadays walking around with a coke in one hand and a burger in the other. No matter how unhealthy this meal is, this person likes it so he or she assumes that there is no reason to throw this meal away, and this is the so called addiction with junk food.

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Addiction to Junk Food
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