Adaptation of Radio over Fiber Technology Essay

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Adaptation of Radio over Fiber Technology

1.1 Introduction

Electronic communication sector is one of the most changing fields in the present world. Mobile communication evaluation happens rapidly within few years. First generation (1G), second generation (2G) and third generation (3G) are developed within two decades. Fourth generation (4G) research is ongoing project. The increasing demand of capacity and coverage leads more research and development of new technologies to meet with satisfactory performances.

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Radio over Fiber technology (RoF) is one of the outcomes of such research with combination of fundamental and featured equipments and communication devices. RoF system are now being used extensively for enhanced cellular coverage both indoor like shopping malls, airport terminal and outdoors. RoF is fundamentally an analog transmission system like other wireless system because it distributes the radio waveform, directly at the radio carrier frequency from a central unit to a Radio Access Point (RAP).

1.2 Objectives

Objective of this research is to simulate Radio over Fiber for third generation (3G) standard WCDMA system using MATLAB Simulink for microcellular mobile communication system. To achieve this objective various simulink are developed. AWGN channel, Rayleigh channel, Rician channel, optical fiber gain, modulation techniques like BPSK, QPSK and QAM etc are represented with block sets with having its standard parameters. Other parameters like fiber installation, antenna sections, receiver performance kept steady as its normal mode for simulation based study of Radio over Fiber technology.

1.3 Background Problem

Radio link of wireless communication suffers from several problems. Atmospheric absorption of radio signal causes a huge distortion in the directional point to point link. Noise and scattering signal is the main hindrance of establishing a radio link. A huge amount of power and a combination of several bulky and expensive equipment is needed to form a radio link. They are vulnerable and not immune to natural calamity. Overall performance is not satisfactory to stand against the increasing global demand of wireless communication. So, a change in network architecture is necessary to feed up with a solution for this problem.

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