Adani Mine Site Proposal

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I am strongly opposed to the Adani proposal going forward. There are many different reasons for this, and I believe you should acknowledge the opinions of the people of Queensland and around the whole of Australia. It has been shown that 74.4% of Australians don’t agree with their public money being used in this way. You have been elected by the people of Queensland to represent their beliefs in parliament and you are in a position of much power to protect our planet.

There have been many campaigns and hours spent to try and prevent this proposal going forward with even a website along with the hashtag #stopadani being created.

Firstly, Adani has been granted access to unlimited groundwater for sixty years, free of charge. They have also been allowed 12.5 billion liters a year from the Suttor River, which is almost as much as used by all agricultural users combined. Documents have shown that a farmer was denied access to the same river and all water grants have been allowed without a full environmental assessment.

Queensland is already in drought and this will only make matters worse. Mine-polluted wastewater will be dumped into rivers and various aquifers and ancient springs will be at risk. After all mining is completed, six unfilled coal pits will remain. These will drain millions of liters of groundwater forever. Although I strongly urge you to not let this proposal go ahead, if it does, given the scarcity of water, a proper and thorough environmental analysis is required to know if Adani’s proposal is even suitable.

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The disposal of the polluted water should be done wisely and with care as well as the mining pits being closed afterwards. Unfilled mining pits can cause serious problems, which is already being experienced in New South Wales. Large amounts of salt in the mines are going to have negative impacts on the groundwater system of the state.

Additionally, the mine will be on culturally important sites of the Aboriginal Australians. Adrian Burragubba, Murrawah Johnson and Linda Bobongie, representing the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council said, “It feels like we’re going backwards 230 years … to when the forces of assimilation and conquest began dispossessing Traditional Owners of the land.” Only about half a century ago, we recognized Aboriginals as part of our multicultural community and here we are taking their rights away again. As the Indigenous owners of the land it should be their decision and their opinion that counts, as stated in the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (1976). However, I am also of the opinion that there is always another option and that the mine could be underground instead of open-pit. Although this would increase costs, it would minimize the damage to the sacred grounds that the Aboriginals feel so strongly about.

Finally, I do understand that there will be many benefits. Nearly 10 000 jobs will be created, $21 billion will be injected into the Queensland economy and the mine will operate for up to 90 years, however, there is more behind this. Adani Mining has lied about many things from exceeding pollution licenses to illegally starting work on a mine site before permission. Only a few days ago Bridget McKenzie even admitted that the Adani proposal will only create 1500 jobs during the construction phase and 100 permanent jobs due to the improvement in technology. It has also been calculated that only $4.8 billion will be made, less than a fifth of the $21 billion promised. This company simply cannot be trusted! Many things we believe will improve our economy, will most likely not be long-term. Many developed countries will not need coal for their power by 2030 anymore and with this being in nearly only a decade, the mine won’t be worth it.

In conclusion, I believe the Adani proposal will have extreme effects on our Australian community, create extreme living conditions with water being even rarer than ever and not benefit our economy in the long-run. Pollution from mining and burning coal is the biggest contributor to global warming which can lead to rising tides, deeper droughts, destroying coral reefs (including the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef), intense storms, floods and bushfires.

I believe Australia should also not be using coal-fired power in the following decades. Documents have shown that Australia is among the top three countries in ranking for solar and wind energy resources. Being an island makes ocean energy from the waves and tides ideal too. Using such renewable resources may be expensive at the beginning however, in the long-run it will save many Australians a lot of money. Once our Earth is too polluted, there is no going back!

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