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Adam an American man Essay

Essay Topic:

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Our piece did not have a title. The assessment was called Adam monologue, and we didn’t change the name of our piece of work. It has been called Adam monologue, because we have Adam in the cell in the point where he’s about to get crazy. We decided to have two Adams as we thought that it would have been more effective to watch. AIM OF THE PIECE: The aim of these piece was to show the theme of survival.

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In fact, our work only included one scene, but we have shown the inner side of a human being kept in captivity for such a long time. In this case we talk about Adam an American man. Adam is a gentle person, kind, and very proud to be American.

He is also the peacemaker, who calms and sustains the other two characters in the play, Edward and Michael, but who is also troubled by terrible dreams and fears. He has known the worst of captivity, because he has been alone in the cell. In the scene we see him troubled by the fear of death. He’s becoming very pessimistic about his future, he’s now realizing that the Arabs want to kill him. A reason of that is because Adam is American, and they are seen as “war prices” if captured. In the seen we can see that he’s very troubled and becoming mad. We represent his inner mind by adding in the scene another Adam, who is suppose to show how he was before becoming mad. I think that the two Adam are really different, obviously, as they show the two different part of a man such as Adam .

In fact the second Adam, who is suppose to be the “normal” one, comes into the scene and starts exercising, as Adam would do. But the response that we get from the troubled Adam is different. He first wants to know who is the person who has entered the room and he wants to know how. He then ask what he’s doing. Here we have a really strong eye contact by the two Adam. The troubled one seems scared by the other one. We have the impressions that the normal Adam, has got the power over the other Adam. In fact when Adam is trying to reassure the troubled Adam, by touching him on the shoulder, the reaction of the troubled Adam is that he tries to get away from Adam and he starts getting really frustrated about what he tells him. In fact when the normal Adam starts to read out the Koran, the troubled Adam is really frustrated because he doesn’t want to listen, and he start screaming that he’s going to die. This is how the scene finish it.

PRESENTATION: The piece was well presented, and I think that everyone in the audience has understood what had happen in the scene. We planned the scene very carefully. Since that we where not aloud to use the stage because we were filmed somewhere else, we had to use another space. We had decide to have the troubled Adam sitting down lining against the wall, with the hands on his face, and with his legs bend. By this already we can easily understand that he’s frustrated by something. When he then starts speaking we also know what the reason is and we have shown quite carefully how a person would feel after being so long in a cell being chained. He speaks with a very angry and frustrated voice, this is because he knows that he is going to be killed. When he finishes speaking he dives his head into his hands.

Then the normal Adam enters the scene, and he starts exercising, by doing sit-ups, this was suppose to keep him fit, so that he could have competitions with the other two in the cell. As the troubled Adam put his head up and sees the other Adam he asks who he was, and how he got in the cell. When he receives the answer that the new character was actually him, he starts getting mad.

We then wanted to show that the normal Adam was in control of the situation. To show that we had the two Adams on two different levels. The troubled Adam was sitting on the floor while the normal Adam was standing up. We also had the two Adams talking with different speed in the voice. In fact the normal Adam was really calm and reassuring, while the troubled Adam talked really fast, and he was really frustrated. This was once again to show who was controlling the situation.

STRENGTH AND WEAKNESSES: As any piece of drama, our piece had strengths as well as weaknesses. One of our strength was that we show this piece in a very original way, and I think that the audience really enjoyed looking at it. Another strength is that my partner and I really worked well together, and we didn’t have many problems coming out with ideas. I think that our last strength was that we wrote down a script which helped us remember what we had done, so that we wouldn’t forget.

The piece had some weaknesses as well. First thing I think that, our piece could have been longer so that could have been more effective. Another weakness is that we couldn’t use the stage and the piece could have been better if acted on stage. As the stage offers more space. By looking back at the piece I think that my partner and I have done a good job into getting into Adam mind to try and feel as he would.

PROBLEMS I HAVE EXPERIENCED: I think that my biggest problem is the language but I can easily co-operate with it. Another problem that I have experienced is that the character that I have played is not as I am. In fact in the play I had to be really calm and mature, trying to reassure someone else. In life I am a total different person. In fact I wouldn’t be walking with my back straight and talking very slowly, trying to keep a very neutral facial expression trying to show no emotion, as I was suppose to be the inner side of Adam. I think that at the end I have done a good job into acting the inner side of Adam.

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