Adam Essay Topics

Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay

‘Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay/ To mould thee man? Did I solicit thee/ From darkness to promote me? ‘ Adam’s words appear in 1818 edition of FR. What light do they cast on the Creature? Does Shelley present him as monster or victim? By using the above quote from ‘Paradise Lost’ (printed… View Article

Satan’s Pride in Paradise Lost

Because of the fallen angel’s obdurate pride, which eventually turns into vanity, Satan reaches his fall. Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost is a complex character who is meant to be the evil figure in the epic poem. Whenever given the chance, Satan tries to undermine God, whom he despises. Satan’s pride initiates his disobedience to… View Article

Adam Smith: Of the Wages of Labour

Adam Smith spoke about the existing relationship between wages and labor and compared it to how it is observed in other countries like North America, India and China. In this section of his book, he had described how things would have been like if laborers had managed and owned their produce. Smith had stated that… View Article

Dürer – Adam and Eve

Albrecht Durer’s painting Adam and Eve, completed in 1504, exemplifies the Renaissance style for its visual artisanship and religious imagery. The artist’s efforts to render the human body realistically, as well as the use of shadow and perspective, set it apart from the recently-ended medieval era through its evolved use of technique. The work consists… View Article