Actors Essay Topics

How Actors Contribute to Film

The very goal and essence of acting is to represent a certain character or figure and portray his or her ideas and personality. The goal of acting is to be another person entirely and play their character and their life as if they were your own. It is a beautiful art form and its target… View Article

Jim Dine’s biography

Jim Dine was born in Cincinnati Ohio (then a quiet river town), during 1939, of a middle class Jewish family. His father owned a paint and plumbing supply store, and his grandfather owned a hardware store. His mother was loving and his childhood memories are pleasant ones. He took his first painting classes at the… View Article

Disney’s Transition into Television and its Effects on Child Actors

Disney has expanded their enterprise into many different areas, one of them being television. As Disney has explored the medium of television, they have focused the shows for the audience of children. In 1955, The Mickey Mouse Club was one of the first shows that Disney had on television. In order to appeal to younger… View Article

Today’s Celebrities: Good or Bad Influences

In today’s society, there seems to be an alarming rise of trends. This trend doesn’t seem to affect a specific age or gender. It causes people to begin crying, screaming and in certain instances, commit acts of insanity. The trend I’m speaking of is celebrity idolization. Over the past generations, fans have become more and… View Article