Activity and Disengagement Theory and Care Provision

During the ageing process, the elderly can belong to either the activity theory or the disengagement theory. There are many services that can help the elderly to age in the way they wish. The services usually provide help to individuals so they can remain active, social and physical. All these things help the individual to keep physical and mentally healthy. The services may include day centres for elderly people, this would encourage them to stay active and to also be social and interact with others heir age.

Services which are available for the elderly could include Nursing assistants which can help individual to become more independent, Occupational Therapy which is using specific activities to prevent disability and it also promotes independent function in all aspects of daily life. This will help the elderly remain physically fit and active. Volunteers will come and spend time with those who are disengaging, they will go for walks with them, play cards or even watch a film with them, to ensure they are coping and are not alone.

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Those who do this will also observe them and see what support they need.

These services are there to support those who may not have many friends or family to stay socially active, these services are there to enable individuals them to remain socially active and to also make friends. Free travel passes are available for those over 60, these enable individuals to travel around their area for as long as they want. Residential care is also available for those who can no longer cope on their own at home, it allows them to interact and also go out on day trips as well as being able to se friends.

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These services will an able their self esteem to rise and become more comfortable. Those who do remain active, there are charities, clubs, community care and church’s that provide activities for them to enjoy. Older individuals may move into sheltered housing as the financial side may be becoming to much for them to handle as well as being alone. All services aim to make individuals self esteem and confidence rises. They all provide respect and support. These services give the individual a choice as to how active they wish to be. All individuals are encouraged to stay socially active to prevent them from disengaging.

The medical service provision in care homes enables the staff who work their to understand what medical care is needed when caring for individuals. Care homes and hospitals have arrangements with the individuals GP so they can have a weekly check up to ensure their needs are being cared for. When a care home knows the residents medical history, they can be cared for in the best way possible. If a care home knows in advance who they are caring for, so they can ensure they have the right equipment and care is available for when they arrive. Managers conduct regular reports to ensure they are up to date and are caring for their residents correctly. Each place where an individual’s are cared for, there has to be a medically registered individual on site to ensure all medical situations are being done correctly, also Nurses are on call 24 hours a day. Assessments are done to ensure the residents are safe and their needs are being met.

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Activity and Disengagement Theory and Care Provision

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