Active Directory database Essay

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Active Directory database

Dover Leasing currently has information about all users stored in a database application used by the Human Resources Department. The IT manager has asked you to explore some ways this information could be used to create user accounts and populate the Active Directory database. Which tools could be used, and what are some issues involved in using these activates? Information about all users has been stored in a database application. On the basis of the available information from the Human Resource Department’s database, user accounts have to be created.

The main tool for creating and proper managing the user accounts is Active Directory Users and Computers. There are few issues and concerns involved in this specific activity with this tool though the actions and steps are all very simple and straight. The foremost issue can be a problem to log in to the Windows sever and also the active directory network. Some problem can be due to the account locking issues. In many cases the interactive and user friendly way of user authentication process may be disrupted due to the setting problem.

Incorrect user name and password, account disabled, logon hour restrictions, users issues with local login are some of the concerns which may happen for creating and maintenance of the user accounts. Case Project 7-2 The Dsadd Command is an effective way to create new user accounts from the command line. Write Dsadd statements to create the two users shown in the following chart. All user accounts should be created in the Users container in your DovercorpXX.

local domain. Use Help and Support Center to determine the switches you need to configure these accounts from the command line. Dsadd user “cn= TRucci, cn= Users, dc=DovercorpXX, dc= local” –memberof “ cn= Engineering,cn=users,dc= DovercorpXX, dc= local” Dsadd user “cn= APan, cn= Users, dc=DovercorpXX, dc= local” –memberof “ cn= Management,cn=users,dc= DovercorpXX, dc= local” Case Project 7-3 Assume your Active Directory tree contains two domains named North and South.

A domain controller named DCN located in the North domain has a folder named StrategicPlan that users in the North domain need to access. In addition, one manager from both the North and South domains needs to be able to manage data in the StrategicPlan folder. Describe how you would use domain local, global, and universal group scopes to grant access to the StrategicPlan folder. The administrator creates the North and South domain. A domain controller named DCN located in the North domain has a folder named StrategicPlan.

The local, global and universal group scopes can be defined in the following way to grant access to the StrategicPlan folder. Create a global group StrategicPlan and add appropriate users to it to access the StrategicPlan folder or we can create an universal group called Universal StrategicPlan and can add the global groups which want access to it. If we want to create a local domain group then we can create one and give the required permission to access the folder.

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