Action Plan Essay

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Action Plan

There are so many other food businesses around here that are competition, in order for us all to keep this restaurant open we are going to have to step up our game. First we will get new signs, next some of us are going to have to put of fliers around the town, and thirdly we are going to have to come up with a reason for people to want to come to our restaurant. HMM why do people come to places that they have never been before? Why do people go to other peoples restaurants? What is this place known for? What can we change? why do people go?

People go to places, restaurants, stores, and other things because of what they have been told, we have a good reputation here but let us go beyond this town. In stores people go into the store because of the display on the outside. People go to things because of appearance, what they have been told, and who has gone. Our place is well fixed up and we have a good reputation in this town and the mayor has been here as well. The real question is why aren’t people coming here? How do we?

How do we get people to become attracted or drawn to come buy our food? What is there to do here in this town? There is the movies, arcade, stores, mini golf, and the theater; why don’t we have one of the stores or other fun places donate something and we have a drawing or we give out gift certificates, it would be free advertising for them and get us costumers. Tuesday’s kids under 12 could possibly eat free or maybe kids under 12 could get a free dessert. People love free stuff and people will be drawn to seeing something that has a free on their sign.

I know as a small child the restaurant Denny’s had a children eat free on a specific week day and my grandmother would take my sister and I there and order food and what not because she liked the idea of free food for her kids. Having hand out gift certificates will have them build business and have people try our food, like our service, and every single moment of it and then they will come back for more. When we do the raffling off items it will seem like we are having a second grand opening with the publicity from the newspapers, signs, and fliers.

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