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Acre Wood Retirement Community Case Study

The pool design was not in tune with the original design, so what was promised was not delivered. Funds allotted were not fully used. Sarah’s complaint in the newspaper would create another legal issue and would invite public outcry against the organization.

Ethical issues: – The director was not concerned about the welfare of public even though the organization’s mission was to improve the quality of life of its residents both physically and emotionally. Lack of commitment to visit the pool and refusing to look into Sarah’s complaints were other ethical issues.

A2.  The behaviour of director only promoted greed (underutilization of money), irresponsibility (refusing to visit the pool and not listening to the complaints), unethical practices (not concerned about public safety; totally against the organization’s vision) and partiality (promoting Gene who wasn’t complaining)

A3.  A role model is some one who inspires, motivates and ultimately brings out the best in the follower by making him realize his own potential.

Ethics are one of the key determinants of a role model. An ethical role model is one who puts his organization’s goal ahead of his personal goals, who does not promote malpractices, who is always ready to look in to matters which interest public health and welfare and one who is always ready to listen to his employees suggestion. The director had all the qualities missing which surely don’t make him an ethical role model.


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