Acnielsen m'sia enters strategic alliance with 99 speedmart

The Malaysian National News Agency KUALA LUMPUR, July 12 (Bernama) — Marketing information provider, ACNielsen and 99 Speedmart retail chain has signed a strategic alliance which will give ACNielsen access to 99 Speedmart point-of-sale (POS) data and provides 99 Speedmart with a suite of reports via ACNielsen’s Retailer Advisor Personal software 99 Speedmart offers a wide and comprehensive range of in-demand, essential and fast moving consumer goods. Its 44 outlets will be increased to 50 outlets by year-end, with an additional five to be added by 2007 ACNielsen Malaysia managing director, Steve Watt said ACNielsen is delighted with the partnership which will enable both organisations to leverage each other’s strength to provide insights to the market The alliance will see ACNielsen providing market information from ACNielsen’s Retail Index service, a continuous monitor of market trends based on retail audit data imput, to assist 99 Speedmart with their strategic planning and expansion plans.

U Mobile Expands Distribution Outlets Through Exclusive Partnership with Leading Mini Market Chain Kuala Lumpur, 10 June 2013–U Mobile Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative 3G mobile operator, is bringing its products and services closer to consumers through an initial two-year exclusive contract with 99 Speedmart – one of the leading mini market chains in Malaysia.

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The partnership is yet another innovative and strategic initiative by U Mobile to expand its reach to a broader consumer market and provide greater accessibility of its products to consumers. This fruitful collaboration with 99 Speedmart entails an exclusive distribution of U Mobile prepaid SIM Packs and mobile reloads in over 430 99 Speedmart outlets within Klang Valley.

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Customers and current U Mobile prepaid subscribers can enjoy greater access to U Mobile products and services as they are now available in outlets closer to their homes or their whereabouts, making it more convenient for them to top-up and purchase a new SIM pack. Speaking about the partnership, Jaffa Sany Ariffin, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile said, “By offering our products at 99 Speedmart, we now address a broader range of customers who normally shop in these outlets. They are part of our target markets for the prepaid segment and the availability of UMobile prepaid products in these outlets will make it convenient for them to stay connected with friends and family.” “U Mobile is delighted to partner with 99 Speedmart, which has different sets of shoppers and has strong fundamental key retail measurements that our company can leverage on. We are set to see tremendous growth in our prepaid segment this year” he added. 99 Speedmart is a mini market retail chain that carries an assortment of groceries ranging more than 3,000 items in an inviting and well-organised environment with high in-stock position. The collaboration is another addition to the company’s existing partnership with other non-traditional distribution channels, including Giant, Singer, 7-Eleven, Cosway, Senheng and senQ stores, making the telco’s total distribution channels to more than 22,000 outlets nationwide.

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Acnielsen m'sia enters strategic alliance with 99 speedmart

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