Acid Violence in Bangladesh Essay

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Acid Violence in Bangladesh

Acid throwing on women and girls are on the rise in Bangladesh. Of all the gender-based violence directed at women, one of the most horrific is acid attacks. Acids are used to disfigure and sometimes kill women and girls. Reported reasons for the acid-throwing attacks include the refusal of an offer of marriage, dowry disputes, domestic fights, and disputes over property..

For the last few years, it has been on the rise in both urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. Cheap and easy availability of acids makes it the most effective weapon for man to use against girls’ or young women’s faces to prove that they have no right to deny a man’s proposal and is one of the extreme forms of repression and violation of women’s right.

The consequence of acid attacks on survivors brings dramatic change in their lifestyle. Most of them have to give up their education or work. Social isolation, fear of further attacks, and insecurity damage their self-esteem and confidence. Illiteracy, poverty, threats to further retribution, and ignorance about legal support increase their miseries. Social awareness, economic and psychological support, rehabilitation, and strict enforcement of laws are key to combat acid violence in Bangladesh.


Our purpose here is to find out and show how many victims are there in Bangladesh. And show what are the reasons behind it, causes of Acid Throwing, and last but not the least the effects of acid throwing.


1. Information Collection:

We collected the information through internet basically. We also managed the information from some NGO’s like Asha, Mukti and Sheba. The daily newspaper was a great help. The Acid Survivor Foundation helped a lot.

2. Analysis Presentation:

We have separated the analysis in some part. The parts are Causes of Acid Throwing, Effects of Acid Throwing, Prevention of Acid Throwing, Laws against Acid Throwing.


While preparing the report we have faced some problems like gathering Information, where to find it, how to present the reports, victims are not comfortable to talk about it and many other things, We tried to overcome this things and tried to make the report as best as possible.

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