Achieving variety and details in writing Essay

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Achieving variety and details in writing

Although there are many cities and countries named after presidents, Washington is the only state named for American presidents. Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia is another example of a city named after a U. S president. 2. California a popular state in the United States is a nature’s beauty. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, its coast contains many islands, waterways, and rivers, not to mention the evergreen forests that found near the coast. 3. The car battery would not start thus I had to call a tow truck to pull it to the garage.

I had not identified the problem but the mechanic confirmed that the battery was dead. 4. Although there are sisters, they were total opposites. She was not like her sister. She was stubborn and quick tempered but the sister was calm. 5. Although said to have fallen out of fashion, Ricky Martin will remain my favorite singer. His songs inspire. He has even done some free concerts for good causes too and I think he is terrific. 6. I took a trip to Pet Smart to look for hamsters.

I have heard that they have terrific pets. What surprised me is that I was the only one looking for the hamsters and I wondered if no one realized. 7. Since the beginning of October, it has been dry. The heat has been unrelenting and the ground ran dry and cracked. The desert is now at its worst. It seems to have a covering of a fine reddish dust. 8. At sixteen, Holly was severe. She wore thick glasses down on her nose and was very thin. Her shoulder bones showed through her shirt seemingly to puncture her skin.

This made her to lose self-esteem but her mother would encourage her and she would tell her that someday she was going to be a beauty. 9. When Joanne turned fifteen, Aunt Alice went to town and bought her a guitar as a gift. However, the guitar looked used and some of its strings were broken. It also had a scratch on the outside. 10. The cold would go through the clothes to the skin, buds popped out on the trees and these marked the late winter, which was clammy, and we looked forward for maple sugaring time. REFERENCE. Scott, N. (2008). Paragraph- writing. New York: NY. BiblioBazaar, LLC.

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