Achieving specific goals and objectives Essay

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Achieving specific goals and objectives

Catering group involvement among members is one task considered to be significant in providing the necessary avenues for achieving specified goals and objectives. Though this initiative may create implications that impedes cooperation, it is necessary that facilitators apply the appropriate strategy of supervision to maintain the elements of compliance and active recognition of what needs to be done. By doing this, it can help intensify models that can improve aspects of planning and implementation.

Looking at the situation, it can be seen that there are different models of supervision that can be applied to address the problem faced by teachers. Having the responsibilities both as an educator and facilitator of this project, it is essential that the aspects of administrative, educational and support supervision be implemented to help address the shortcomings and conflict encountered by members. In here, these three frameworks mix the idea of monitoring, recognition of goals and objectives, and synchronizing practices and attitudes to foster new ways to collaborate for success (Infed, 2005).

In helping address the problem, I can actively categorize these setbacks accordingly with the three frameworks of supervision. Under each one, I can actively decipher and look into strategies and solutions available (Infed, 2005). For example, in resolving the inability of other teachers cooperating within the group can be resolved by enhancing communication methods and setting up goals and objectives for each member. With my experience, I feel that it is essential for every group effort that communication and a clear set of ideas are actively elaborated on each one to foster active avenues for change (Lunenberg, 1998).

Aligning this chosen supervision strategies within the classroom and my profession as an educator, I feel that there are significant ways wherein I can apply this to improve not only group dynamics but also the way I handle tasks and responsibilities. I feel that teachers need to incorporate this technique because it can be beneficial in handling and providing solutions towards instruction, discipline, and facilitation of teaching goals and objectives.

For example, since there are a myriad of responsibilities associated with teaching, it may be best to actively rank them accordingly to what will suit best the needs of students and help enrich the teaching experience. Likewise, this facet is also significant in supporting my teaching philosophy. This is because I want to actively align my standards and principles that would benefit and address the needs of my students. Having these models of supervision, I can ensure that I will remain accountable and responsible for my actions.

Such actions can help me become responsive and adaptive to the trends of today’s education and cultivate students in exploring their respective potential and needs.

Reference Lunenburg, F. C. (1998) Technique in the Supervision of Teachers: preservice and inservice applications in Education. Retrieved July 22, 2009 from http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_qa3673/is_n4_v118/ai_n28707730/ Infed (2005) the Function of Supervision. Retrieved July 22, 2009 from http://www. infed. org/biblio/functions_of_supervision. htm

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