Acheulean technology Essay

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Acheulean technology

The Oldowan technology is referred to as Mode 1, preceding the Mode 2 Acheulean technology. The latter implies that it is more advanced and more sophisticated than the former. Mode 1 technology only refers to simple hand tools which include choppers, scrapers, awls and woodworking tools. On the other hand, Mode 2 technology was the “retouched” and reworked Mode 1 tools. This ensures that their tools were more symmetrical making it effective and useful for its purpose

It has been an argument on whether the ergaster was to be considered as a different taxon since some researchers claim that they feature “different” characteristics from other Homo taxons and also associates them as the direct ancestor of humans. KNM-ER 3733 and KNM-ER 992 are some ergaster specimen that were found. These specimens show no significant difference from other homo taxon to qualify it as a new species. Researchers still support Homo erectus as the closer ancestor of modern humans and that the ergaster are “H. erectus from Africa”

The Turkana Boy was a significant find since it provides evidences of evolution of humans. By studying its morphology, scientists found out that the Turkana boy exhibits the possibility of having its own language and also how modern humans evolved traits from it. Bipedalism, brain volume, size of canines and inner ear bones are some features shared by Australopithecus and Homo sp. This suggests that they share a common ancestor.

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