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Acetone Production

In this project a 95 000 MT/A of acetone will be produced annually which is equivalent to 206 kg/hr. The process that been used is the dehydrogenation of isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

There is 6 main equipments used in order to produce acetone, and the equipment are mixture drum, there is no reaction take place in Mixing drum ( V-401 ), the main reactor ( R-401) the reactor been used is a tubular flow reactor, in this reactor the conversion of IPA will produce 85% acetone and 5% is water ,next major equipment is the heat exchanger ( E-401, E-402 and E-403) to heat up or cool down temperature, phase separator ( V-402 ) to separate phase, distillation column ( T-401) and acetone scrubber ( T-402 ).

The process that been used in order to produce acetone is the dehydrogenation of isopropyl. Propylene and water are used as the raw material and is mix into the mixture drum and then is been pre-heated and fed to a catalytic reactor, where acetone is formed. Then it will be cooled down at feed into the phase separator and then it will undergo distillation process and acetone scrubber in order to produce acetone.

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The amount of raw materials used in this process is 14256. 386 kg/hr of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and 1944. 53 kg/hr of water which is equal to 16200. 4389 kg/hr in order to produce 16492. 7586 kg/hr of acetone product, it is been assumed that 88% of the total basis is feed in and other 12% balance is water, the scaling factor that is used is 162. 004389. Based on the overall mass balance in table 6.

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4, it shows that this process is not balance but yet has low percentage of error which is 1. 8%. Mass balance of the production of acetone can be considered as acceptable due to the low error percentage.

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