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Accurate And Perfect Decision

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As all the above explained topics are equally important in a management as well as in personal lives but some of the topics are putting more identification to our daily situations and found to be more useful such as effective decision making, motivation , communication, and leadership. However, to be an effective manager, team members come to know that decision making skills are crucial, otherwise the company will lose the trust of employees and thus reduce the work output. An accurate and perfect decision is so important in management for saving time, fosters respect, creating motivation, avoid conflicts, induce productivity, to plan before any work to make goals or objectives, and create different strategies to accomplish them.

Decision makers are having control over the time as they can make different tasks and assign accordingly to the workers with detailed time limits, if the tasks goes smoothly it will automatically create a feeling pf respect within the employees as all the work continuous to be smooth and without any misunderstandings that helps to maintain motivation level as well as prevents any type of conflicts.

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According to Parth. (2013), there are some basic rules prior to make fair and unbiased decision that are known to our motivations and limits, accurate and brief data, create goals and objectives, and create an effective relationship with others. As per his study, there are many errors whIle making decisions those are illogical reasoning, making non related assumptions beforehand, putting bad effects of previous knowledge, unbiased decision, and misunderstood the outcomes of a problem.

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Furthermore, leadership and communication both are an important factor for making an organization successful and are strong functional aspects of an organization that helps to achieve organizational goals. A good leader must have all leadership skills and more pointing towards communication skills as it a vital part to keep the employees updated. This team is more focused on these qualities because no any organization can run well without them. According to Luthra & Dahiya (2015), effective communication and leadership are closely related to each other because and is more focusing to become confident, trustworthy, clarified, self-motivated, clear thoughts, and focused.

In addition to these topics, this group is highly inspired by motivation as it is like a glue that connects individuals to meet goals and in business it impacts most on mental and physical human reactions. A study conducted by Ismajli, Zekiri, Qosza, & Krasniqi (2015) reveal that the most important factors that affects the motivation level of the employees are professional development and salaries followed by use of innovative technology, work conditions, training, relationships with managers, assessment or evaluation methods, and promotions. Motivation can be done by improving communication, valuing their performance, and positive workplace environment that eventually comes up with the outcome of increase in employee commitment, satisfaction, efficiency, and development.


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