Accounting Standards Essay

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Accounting Standards

In your opinion are accounting standards necessary and to what extent? Do you agree with the view that mandatory regulations stifle innovation ? why? Give reasons?

* Accounting standards are necessary to promote high quality financial reporting. The fundamental role of accounting is to communicate economic information about businesses and other organization to various stakeholders (government, investors, shareholders, suppliers, lenders, customers and the general public). * These stakeholders use such information to take decisions and to assess the stewardship of people appointed to manage such organizations. If this information is not of a high quality standard, then the stakeholders would be unable to take effective decisions that will benefit them. For example, if a financial report is manipulated to show higher profits, investors would hold on to their shares with the belief that the company is doing well.

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* Good and useful information should have the essential characteristics of understandability, comparability, relevance and reliability in order to play its role effectively. Accounting standards serve to promote the understandability , comparability, relevance and reliability of financial reports. * Accounting standards are needed so that financial statements will fairly and consistently describe financial performance. Without standards, users of financial statements would need to learn the accounting rules of each company, and comparisons between companies would be difficult.

Here are other reasons why accounting standards are important to every business.

Protecting Investors

By employing accounting standards, investors’ interests are ensured as the documents they review are definitely accurate and genuine. As investors, they are interested to know that their money will eventually earn and go back to them. Accounting standards increase the investors’ confidence in the business.

Regulatory Compliance

Government regulators set accounting standards that have to be adhered to by all companies. This is both beneficial to the investor or business owner as well as to the customers or clients because it protects them from frauds in businesses. It also promotes transparency among the business’ transactions which will eventually lead to the improved efficiency of the markets. Following accounting standards set by the FASB and the IASB will help prevent a company or business from spending on legal actions initiated by the government against it.

Assessing Business Performance

The use of accounting standards will enable a business to see or assess its performance. By doing so, they can also compare and contrast their business’ performance with other companies or competitors. It further helps a business see its strengths and weaknesses. By also comparing past and current performances, a business can assess the success of its strategies. Businesses will either prosper or fall. Depending on the trends and the economy of the country, an investment may grow or go down the drain. But in the end, accounting standards will make a difference. That is why all businesses have to follow and strictly adhere to accounting standards.

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