Accounting consultation Essay

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Accounting consultation

My future career choice is to become an accounting consultant; this job would require me to create financial reports, pro-forma financial statements and reports for businesses. I would have to analyse, interpret and evaluate financial statements and reports for various authorities accounting consultants help businesses with all of their financial needs. In order to become an accounting consultant, I would have to upgrade my mathematical, technical and accounting skills. I can better my skills in accounting software’s, I can do this by taking courses online that teach me how to use specific accounting software’s, taking this course would help me to progress in my career path as I would have the knowledge and this would help me stand out from other people, giving me a better chance of getting a job to be a successful accounting consultant.

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Examples of websites that have online course that can teach me on how to use specific software’s are: and I can improve my skills in accounting by gaining a degree within an accounting course at university.

Gaining a degree would mean that I would have three years to learn about accounting thoroughly and this would help me to gain the skills in accounting that I need, it would also help me improve my mathematical and numerical skills as accounting already consists of numerical skills so whilst studying the subject, my numerical skills should also improve. Another way that I can upgrade my accounting skills is by taking a professional accounting course, an example of a course that I can take is AAT, this course will give three qualification at the end and will give me the chance to learn practical skills to prepare me for my career choice, It teaches all the accounting skills that I would need to become an accounting consultant. For me personally I think a degree in an accounting related course is the best option as I believe that the learning is more intensive which means that I will be able to learn more thoroughly and also I will have the option of taking a sandwich course which means that I would not miss out on the real life practical side of accounting. The courses that I have applied for university are:

1. Business with accounting
2. Accounting with finance
3. Accounting with management

I have chosen these courses as they all will allow me to reach my future career goal. I have not chosen to do accounting on its own as I believe that It can limit my knowledge, studying another topic will further my knowledge as I can see how accounting can relate to other subjects. By the end, I hope to have achieved a BSc degree in an accounting related subject with either a first or a 2:1.

This print screen show the information about the AAT course, I have found out all the information about the course from this website. This print screen is of an online forum that discusses the pros and cons of both the course and a degree, this helped me come to a decision as all the discussions were from the point of views of students as well as professionals.

Research Skills:

I have used research skills both during my business course and during my UCAS application. I have used research skills in the units in the business course as I had to research various things in order to complete assignments and course works. A specific unit where I had to use research skills in unit 31 as this unit required me research about different businesses and find out things like their policies, their history and also trends. I used research skills during UCAS to find out about different courses available and I had to research university’s that we the best for me. Over all I think I have used my research skills well as I have researched effectively and found out the information that I needed.


I had to use literacy skills whilst completing my UCAS application as I had to write out a personal statement, which required me to have immaculate literacy skills, however I do not think that I have used the skill well as there were many mistakes in punctuation. I have also used literacy skills during my business units for example in Unit 15 I had to create posters and reports, these documents required good literacy skills although I do not believe that I have used the skill very well and grammar and punctuation required a lot of improvement.


I have to plan all my work within my business course, I need to plan to ensure that the work is handed in on time and it is not done at last minute to ensure that the work is presented at the best of quality. I believe that I am using this skill well as I have not handed in any work late, however I do occasionally find y self-completing work last minute which needs to be improved.


I had to use decision making skills while completing my UCAS application as I had to make the correct decisions as to which 5 universities I want to apply to, I believe I have carried out this skill well as I decided realistically as I only applied to the universities that have the requirements that I can meet also I based my decision on the units the universities courses have.

Problem solving:

During unit 15 there were alit of problem solving tasks, i have tried to solve all the tasks however there were a few that I could not solve. I have to also do problem solving in unit 5, as I had to solve problems within a cash flow, I had successfully solved all the problems within the data.


I need to ensure I have good time management for both UCAS application and the Business course. I need to make sure that I hand in by UCAS application by the beginning of December, I believe I am managing my time effectively as I am ready to hand in my application and It is the middle of November. I also need to ensure that I have good time management Ability to prioritise:

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