Accountability, Responsibility and Risk

The Role of Government On The Basis Of Accountability

In this, there is the ministerial accountability where the conservative party is determined to enforce parliamentary principles of government accountability.  Ministers in a conservative government will have authority and be accountable for the policies they implement and administrative actions of their department

The Public Service Excellence

In which a conservative government will legislate whistle blowing protection to ensure that those who expose corruption and wrong doing are protected from reprisal.

Sound Financial Management

A conservative government will strengthen the internal audit and comptrollership functions of government ensuring that program delivery matches the intent of the program.

Spending is measured against objectives and cost overruns are brought immediately to the attention of parliament.

The conservative government will create the independent office of the comptroller general reporting to parliament with a mandate to ensure that the highest standards and practices of expenditure management are enforced in all federal departments, crown corporations, agencies and foundations.

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(DTI, 2004)

The conservative government will restore the audit role of treasury board. It will also allow the auditor general to table reports with the clerk of the house of commons when the parliament is not sitting and have them made public through the speaker but currently can report when parliament is sitting. It also ensures transparency and accuracy of and confidence in the government’s finances by providing the auditor general with full access to all documents from all federal organizations, including all agencies, crown corporations, investment board and foundations but currently it has no access to government books.

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(DTI, 2004)

On the responsibility, the government is in search for solutions to the major social, political, and environmental challenges facing national and international economies. Public policies are developed in context of a changing set of exchange relationships between business, government and civil society. The government promotes responsibility through. Globalization and new economy, new models of governance and welfare state crisis, national competitiveness and innovation and sustainable development.

On the business like wholesale the privacy policy has got principles like. Accountability, consent, identifying purpose, accuracy, openness and limiting collection of personal information. In justification consummation is the execution and hence a necessary step towards the completion. One needs to realize the market well, realize the competitors, realize the product and realize your consumer well. You need the key management policies for proper implementation which is done by the zonal offices ensuring trade policies have been adhered to by every one.


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