Accountability Formation Essay

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Accountability Formation

The dictionary states that the meaning of the word accountability is “the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable”. This means to me that if I don’t hold accountability for all my gear than I am not doing my duty as a soldier. Holding accountability for my gear is important for many different reasons in fact. For one if anything were to happen to my gear I am held sole responsible for it. Also if it is stolen or ruined for my lack of accountability and due to my actions the company is held back from doing their duties or even I completing mine, I would also be the one held accountable for the hold back.

If the gear was stolen I would need to pay for it and it wouldn’t be anyone else’s fault except my own, even if it were simply damaged I would need to replace and/or fix as swiftly as possible to complete my duties so that I am not the one holding back others. Specially with it coming so close to leaving on a mission it is crucial that I hold exceptional accountability for my gear for I would not want to be the sole reason for a glitch in the mission before even leaving, with everyone working so hard to get ready to leave and to have everything in working condition in order for the mission to hopefully go off without a hitch.

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Being accountable for my gear is to be dependable. Being dependable in keeping track of all my gear so that I am ready for anything that would be needed of me at any time, rather it’s from my country, my superiors, or my fellow soldiers. It is also crucial for me to hold accountability for my gear being a specialist I am setting an example for other soldiers below me and for me not to hold that accountability it doesn’t make me look like a very good role model to look upon in time of need, for any reason.

Showing accountability is also a duty for me as a soldier to keep track of all of my gear. If my equipment was taken they could of tampered with the gear and then given it back with me not aware of the tampering, then it could harm or seriously injure a fellow soldier and I would also be held responsible for that, in addition to delaying the mission for a lack of accountability and carelessness of my equipment. Accountability is important because for one to lose their gear can be detrimental to training or even in time of war.

If I cannot show exceptional accountability for just my own gear than how can I show I have responsibility to others to be in charge, accountable for other important matters, or to help on a more pressing matter than say a private would be. I have shown exceptional leadership to fellow soldiers and this is the first time and piece of gear I have not held accountability for and I will do my absolute best not to have this incident happen again in the future.

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