Accomplishments of the Founding Brothers

1. Why were major accomplishments of the Founding Brothers during the Revolution unprecedented? (3 Reasons)

2. What were the assets and liabilities of the men in New York in 1789 as they began to govern under the new Constitution?

The assets and liabilities of men in New York in 1789 as they began to govern the New Constitution states on the asset side bountiful continent an ocean away from European conflict; young population of nearly 4 million, about half of it sixteen years of age or younger and to grow exponentionally and on the liabilities side no one established republican government on the scale of the US and judgment of the most respected authorities was that it couldn’t be done, second dominant intellectual legacy of Revolution, in the Declaration of Independence, stigmatized all political power depicted any energetic expression of governmental authority.

3. What distinguishes the American Revolution from most, if not all subsequent revolutions? Explain.

“What distinguishes the American Revolution from most, if not all, subsequent revolutions worthy of the name is that in the battle for supremacy, for the “true meaning” of the Revolution, neither side defeated, the revolutionary generation found a way to keep the debate in the form of an ongoing argument or dialogue that was eventually rendered safe by creating political parties.

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4. According to Ellis, why were the Founding Brothers successful? (He offers 4 reasons.)

The Founding Brothers were successful and the reasons were, one was the Brothers all had extremely different personalities, collaborating led to cooperating. The second reason was that all the Founding Brothers were part of every aspect of each other’s lives.

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The third reason is that they knew that some problems, such as slavery, couldn’t not be covered at the time. The fourth reason is that they knew making history would be criticized by future generations which kept them on a good behavior.

5. Why does Ellis refer to the individuals as Founding Brothers not Founding Fathers?

Ellis referred to the individuals as Founding Brothers not Founding Fathers because they had relationships, good or bad, agreeable or disagreeable, just the way brothers do. We refer to the Founding Fathers as Fathers, because they are from generations before us, but the Founding Fathers back then were in the same generation.

Chapter 1 “The Duel” July 11, 1804

1. Why did the Burr-Hamilton duel become legendary?

The Burr-Hamilton duel became legendary because he duels between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton has become legendary because of the identities of the men involved. 2. Describe the 15 year relationship between Hamilton and Burr. Cite specific examples of the conflict between the two. The main reason Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr became deadly enemies was their immense differences. They had different backgrounds, ambitions, goals, beliefs, and political methods. Examples of the conflict between Hamilton and Burr were the duel between Hamilton and Burr and leading to the shooting of Hamilton 3. Why does Hamilton call Burr the “Catiline of America? Provide examples that support the Hamilton’s view of Burr.

Chapter 2 “The Dinner” June 20, 1790

1. Describe the members and agenda of “the dinner”.

In Founding Brothers, the people who attended the dinner were James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, and the agenda/topic discussed was the financial plan for the United States.

2. What was the issue of assumption?

The issue of assumption was Alexander Hamilton’s threat to resign as the Secretary of the Treasury if Congress failed to have the federal government assume the states’ debt would doom the union.

3. What was Hamilton’s plan for debt reconciliation?

Hamilton suggested funding the debt by selling government bonds, and further proposed that state debts be assumed by the national government. Why was Madison opposed to it? Madison believed that Hamilton’s plan “was betraying the ideas of the American Revolution.” 4. List Madison’s objections to assumption. Madison argued that this was unfair, and only served to further enrich an already wealthy class of merchants and “stock-jobbers” at the expense of farmers, soldiers, and backwoodsmen. Madison favored a plan of discrimination, paying the original bearers the nominal value of the certificates they once held, while paying the current bearer the highest market value plus interest. 5. Describe the “residency question and how It is finally resolved.

Chapter 3: “The Silence” February 11, 1790

1. What occurred in the House of Representatives on February 11,1790? On February 11, 1790, a Quaker delegation petitioned the House of Representatives to end the African save trade immediately.

2. Describe in detail the arguments presented by James Jackson and William Loughton Smith in support of slavery.

The arguments presented by James Jackson representative of Georgia was that he was outraged that such a question was raised calling them lunatics, William Loughton Smith seconded the outrage saying “America was economically dependent on slavery”.

3. Describe in detail the counterargument presented by John Laurence and Eldirdge Gerry in response to Jackson and Smith’s justification of slavery.

The counterargument presented by John Laurence and Eldirdge Gerry in response to Jackson and Smith’s side of slavery was that John Laurance stated slavery was anomaly in the Republic and should be eradicated in the long run similar to Gerry’s statement stating that it was the role of north to stop southern slave trade, sooner the salve traffic ended the better.

4. What were the proposals for gradual emancipation?

According to Ellis, could gradual emancipation have been feasible?

5. What was Benjamin Franklin’s role in the 1790 debate over slavery? Benjamin Franklin’s role in 1790 debate over slavery was writing documents/essays supporting to abolish slavery.

6. What does Ellis mean when he says that “Madison’s position on slavery captured the essence of what might be called “the Virginia straddle”?

This would mean riding both sides on the argument of slavery. On one hand, they believed the abolishment of slavery to be impossible on the other hand, ending slavery prematurely without plan might cause more problems than they could handle at the time.

Chapter 4: “The Farewell”

1. How does Benjamin Franklin’s gift to George Washington symbolize how Washington was viewed by the nation? What evidence from Washington’s career supports this? 2. Why did Washington decide to retire? Consider private, public, political concerns.

3. Regarding Washington’s farewell, what were the purpose and the main themes (128)? Discuss the advice he gives to America’s future leaders and the three salient features that arose from the political terrain (144).

4. What were Washington’s purpose/message in the Circular Letter, Proclamation of Neutrality and the Address to the Cherokees?

5. Why is Jay’s Treaty considered a “landmark in the shaping of American foreign policy? Explain the issues surrounding the treaty including the opinions of the parties, Jefferson, Madison and majority of Americans.

6. A rift developed between Jefferson and Washington. What were the issues surrounding the rift? How does the rift reflect a greater rift amongst the revolutionary generation (especially between Republicans and Federalists)? What impact would this have on the nation?

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