Accomplishing Iraq’s Sovereignty Essay

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Accomplishing Iraq’s Sovereignty

The New York Time’s article Iraq Marks Withdrawal of U. S. Troops From Cities by Alissa J. Rubin covers a milestone in Iraq’s post-Hussein political scene: The withdrawal of American troops from major Iraqi cities and settlements which in turn resulted in their declaration of sovereignty. Although many Iraqis desire sovereignty, there are others who believe that Iraqi security forces have inadequate experience to control insurgencies that continue to occur within Iraqi cities, as a bombing occurred in a market place on the same day as the parade.

However, Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Malaki is confident that the Iraqi government can handle the maintenance of security within the country. Although there are still Americans in some urban outposts, most of the troops have already withdrawn, giving the local security forces more control over the cities. The event has also been declared as a national holiday even though it has not fully received national sovereignty yet (Rubin, 2009). By pulling out the occupying forces, the American government has eased tensions between them and Iraq, as well as with other Arab nations within the region.

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Iraq can govern themselves independently once again. It would also project lesser spending for the American government since they have started pulling out troops and loosening their control. It would also strengthen the bond between the American and Iraqi governments, and also that with other governments around the region. However, it would also be quite a challenge for the local security forces to maintain the safety within Iraqi cities, without the presence of American troops since insurgencies have not yet halted.

Many Iraqis were relieved and joyous of the American troops’ exit in their cities, even if some still remained for security purposes. It is probably because of the tightness of the American’s grip on their society in relation to security. However, some Iraqis fear that with this withdrawal, insurgents would have more opportunity to strike and deliver their wrath (Rubin, 2009). Indeed, security might be ineffective without the American troops’ presence — or with lesser troops present. However, others also believe that the Americans brought the insurgence along when they occupied the cities.

In short, they believe that the Americans are the insurgents’ targets. Without the troops, they believe that less attacks would occur, although they cannot really be too sure. Fear would continue to prevail if the Iraqi security forces could not guarantee the citizens’ safety, which may lead to discouragement and decline of confidence towards the Iraqi government. References Rubin, A. (2009, June 30). Iraq marks withdrawal of U. S. troops from cities. The New York Times. Retrieved July 1, 2009, from http://www. nytimes. com/2009/07/01/world/middleeast/01iraq

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