Accenture Essay Topics

Organizational Behavior at Accenture

1. Introduction This paper gives an overview of the organizational behavior (Organizational Structure, Culture, and Leadership) at Accenture– the last organization I worked with. Accenture is an international management consulting, technology services and outsourcing organization, with approximately 0.25 million people and clients in more than 120 countries. It has generated net revenue of US$ 27.9… View Article

Chief information officer

Knowledge management at Accenture Richard Ivey School of Business 20090770 •2. Accenture A well known global firm that became a public company with a successful initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in July 2001. Great revenue increment in 2001, 2004(two digit increment) Embarked upon a new strategy ”High Performance Delivered” Substantially increase… View Article

Strategic Management Accounting

It is difficult to find an example of a more spectacular business failure than the recent collapse of Arthur Andersen. Within a few years, Andersen moved from one of the largest professional service organisations in the world to almost complete collapse. The impact of the firm’s failure on its employees, customers, investors, and the general… View Article