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Fresh acai berries are not available in the product section of your local grocery American. Acai Berries grow because only in the Amazon rainforest, so it means they must be far from reaching the fruit and vegetable stores from Albertsons transported, Ralphs and Vons. In addition, the fragile fruit subject to rapid decay in less than 24 hours after it separated from the mother tree.

Buy Acai Berry was just so much easier
With the invention of the method of freeze drying, manufacturers can now supplement that supply all the health benefits of Acai berries can be picked fresh.

The freeze-drying maintains the nutrients acai
Baskets of acai berries are immediately cleaned and dried immediately after harvest to preserve its immense power. The freeze drying, in contrast to other methods of preservation of the fruit, not to destroy important nutrients and vitamins found in fruits.

Delivered to your door
I recommend buying the acai berry supplements online and get it elsewhere. First, because there is so much easier because you are only on order, and the bottles delivered right to your door in no time.

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Try before you buy
Second, there are some free online test you before deciding on a product you want to your regular supplement of Acai berry can then take. “Try Before You Buy are to” offer this type unavailable in your local supplement store. I mean, what if the are not they working for you? Why can not pay more, a product that you’ve never tried to seek justice?

Here’s a site that you can

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