Academic Success Essay

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Academic Success

No matter where you are in your life continuing your education can be a challenge. Being able to juggle all your responsibilities can be very hard, but it is one of the keys to success. Everyone strives to be successful in every aspect of their life. You must know what you want to accomplish and be able to create a guided plan to have the best results. Making sure to stay organized and set your priorities in line, will lead to ultimate success. The ways I plan to continue my academic success is by setting educational goals, perfecting my writing process, applying my learning style, and the importance of academic integrity.


Setting goals is a very important step to take in your life. It helps with the drive to continue school and the ability to obtain a lasting career. My educational goal is to finish with high academic honors at the end of my courses. Staying on top of my homework will not only have me stress free but will keep me on top so I do not fall behind. Falling behind on schoolwork can be devastating to my grades. Having a set career goal will keep you motivated and give you the drive to be successful. I plan to start off my career in an entry level position and work my way up to a top paying position. Having a top paying job that I enjoy doing, will allow me to be able to provide or my family. (Stratton, R. K. (2005).

Writing Process

The writing process is a critical part of having success in your education and your career. Perfecting the writing process while continuing your education can be very challenging in many ways. The writing process is broken down into steps to help ensure success; they are topics, subtopics, outline, thesis, rough draft, and final draft. By mastering these steps it ensures you will be successful. Many jobs now require e-mail and written communication as a prime source of communication. Being able to communicate effectively will help increase a customer’s experience which in turn helps the business become more successful. (Hansen, n.d.)

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking can be used in all aspects of a person’s life. There are different steps and also different ways in which you can apply critical thinking. Critical thinking focuses on deeper learning, helps with problem solving, and helps a person explore many issues, ideas, and events before having an opinion on a topic or issue. There are many steps to the critical thinking process, remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating ( Ellis, D., & Toft, D. (2015). When applying these steps in the order it will help in the critical thinking process. A lot of people use critical thinking on a day to day basis without even considering they are actually using it. The first step of critical thinking is remembering, it is consisted of reading, listing, and defining.

The second step of the process is understanding which is demonstrated, group, outline, and describing the events or issues. The next step is applying which can be accomplished by discussing, explaining, and is used to produce your desired results. Classifying, determining, and comparing and contrasting make up the fourth step which is analyzing. Once done analyzing a person can then begin evaluating. Evaluating helps rate truth, judge effectiveness and rank-issues of facts in order. The last step is creating, in this step you organize your thoughts, plan, also you can agree or disagree on a topic. ( Ellis, D., & Toft, D. (2015).


You use critical thinking on a daily basis in all aspects in your professional career. When thinking about being at work on time, being prepared for daily tasks, and executing them properly you are demonstrating how to use critical thinking in the work place. Critical thinking is also used for responsibilities to society which is called societal responsibility. There are many ways to positively impact your society like paying your bills on time. Keeping your yard clean, recycling, and keeping up with household projects also applies to societal responsibilities. Sending your kids to school to learn and get a great education would be a positive influence on society. It is very important to keep your professional and societal responsibilities at a positive level to have the greatest impact.


There are many great resources that are available on the University database. The course syllabus is made available to help you stay on task and make sure your assignments are completed and turned in on a timely manner. Instructor’s classroom policies are shown to make certain every student knows the rules to follow set by the individual instructors. Phoenix Connect is provided so students can come together to provide feedback and tips to new and seasoned students.

The libaray is a great source to use and find resources like articles and books to help with your research. The Center for Writing Excellence has a great tool, the plagiarism checker and the resource generator, which helps with small errors and saves you time. There are many benefits and challenges associated with using outside sources. You have to make sure the sources are creditable to ensure proper information is given. It helps with providing different points of view from various people. With internet so popular in today’s time students have many ways to get great information at the tip of their fingers.

Learning Style

Knowing your personal learning style can help you advance in everyday life. My personal learning style is Interpersonal, mode 3. I am an active learner, hands on activities is where I excel the most. Mode 3 learning is consisted of testing ideas, being able to practice what you learn, able to thrive with well-defined tasks, and problem solving. An interpersonal learning needs to be provide with constant feedback to demonstrate success. An individual with this learning style is often found in medical fields and IT positions. Knowing your learning style will help you advance in your educational learning.


Having your educational and career goals in place with a determined outcome will help you advance in all aspects of your life. Perfecting the writing process will help you with resumes, papers, emails, and provide you the tools to be able to communicate effectively. Also making sure you use all the resources given to you that are right at your fingertips. All of these combined will ensure you are able to achieve the highest level of success.


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