Academic Record Essay

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Academic Record

Sometimes, due to certain situations beyond our control and because of unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances, the academic track record may not be up to the mark. I strongly feel that the one bad academic year wherein I was forced to stay out of school for a period of more than six months is not reason enough to hinder my studies going forwards. This should not be the sole deciding factor to define my further academic growth and progress.

I had urgent family matters and health problems to take care of during that timeframe. If the situation demanded that I fulfill my responsibilities, other than the one I have being a student, there was absolutely no choice I was left with. It was expected of me to rise to the occasion and be there for my family when they really needed me the most. Now that this phase of duty and responsibility has passed, I look forward to concentrating only on my studies that will help me develop and learn the necessary skills to get a good job and mold my personality, so I can emerge successful and also enjoy my student life to the fullest and take with me all that I possible can from each and every phase of it.

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If you look closely, you will notice that I’ve been a very good student and I have an unblemished track record till the time when I had to take a break from school. The grades I received a few terms before the gap are not indicative of my performance or progress made during that span of time. The score card neither indicates the level of difficulty of the subject nor does it truly reflect the amount of effort a student puts into their projects and dissertations.

I would request you to think about my case, understand my circumstances and then evaluate my application accordingly.

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