Academic Project Title Essay

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Academic Project Title

The purpose of this study is to study design of public toilets in shopping malls with high status. This study was conducted at the well-known shopping center in Kuala Lumpur at KLCC. KLCC is chosen as the place has always been a focus of people no matter domestically or internationally. KLCC can be said as a luxury place as for business that provides well-known store sales and items with high price and most of it is expensive.

So, the main purpose of this study is to evaluate the design of public toilets have their own class, a literature review was based on the goals and objectives of the study. Many studies through secondary data methods obtained from a variety of different sources such as, books, journals, newspapers, articles, and even the internet. Most of the data collected from the library at UiTM Shah Alam.

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Researcher also do a variety of research methods, including the four methods of research which is based on the observation, physical measurements at the site location, interviewing experts in the design of the toilet and also produce and distribute a questionnaire to obtain primary data. After getting the information from all methods of research, then all data will be collected and analyzed to be used to determine the objectives of the study.

Data analysis will be separated into two sample case studies to be carried out to obtain the findings. Toilet with fee of RM 2 per entry in KLCC has been used to study the case. All research methods have been used for the review process for primary data based on research on selected toilet. Researcher has also managed to interview a designer who has been involved in the design of the toilet. Apart from distributing the questionnaire sheets to the toilet users, measuring and observing the restroom area also took place at the site location.

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