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Learning performance talks about how do the student is accomplishing his or her duties,responsibilities and studies. There are some factors that determine the status and the rate of students. Learning performanceis what you have shown you can do in a certain subject. Ability is a talent,skills or proficiency in a particular area. It is what you can do, given ideal circumtance.You can think of it as being internal and hidden untilyou show what what you can do with your performance.

Performance is the execution of an action,something accomplished. It is external and what people see. For example,someone that freaks out when they have graded recitation may bomb it and have poor performance, even though they knew the material and had the ability to do the graded recitation if they hadn't been so nervous. The term "Learning" is given a range of meaning. In everyday talk, media and television it is rarely used.

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When it is, it usually implies "being taught". Inthe world of education learning may be used a lot, but on closer inspection the term can be standing in for distinctly different processes such as teaching, producing,performing according to certain criteria, and so on.

And in classroom it is rarely heard. Learning achievement or learning performance is the outcome of education, the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has acchieved their education goals. Learning achievement is commonly measured by examinations or continuous assesment but there is no general agreement on how it is best tested on which aspect are most impotant procedural knowledge such as skills or declarative knowledge such as facts.

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Learning performance refers to how student deal with their studies and how they cope with or accomplish different tasks given to them by their teachers. It is the ability to study and remember facts and being able to communicate your knowledge verbally or down on paper. *According to researh,a review of devlopments across the 20th century highlighted that learning is now seen as change in knowledge occuring through a process of knowledge construction in which the social context of learning is important 1.Learner differences and contextual differences are both shown to be influential.

Studies of the social context of learning have helped us see that understanding is a shared phenomenon that learning may usefully be seen as joining a knowledge community, and that much learning remains very specific to the social situation in which it was originally learned2. In every school and every classroom, views of learning are present, even if they remain implicit. The long standing culture of classroom is : teaching is telling, learning is listening. Knowledge is subject matter taught by teachers and found in books3.This does not accord with evidence from research. But it will inhabit classroom life unless there is clear action to counter it. And there is important research showing that classroom can create a better view.In the meaning held by learners themselves, views of learning have become a key focus of research. Studies of adult students have identified a range of learning:

Increasing one's knowledge

  • memorizing and reproducing
    applying, general rules to particulars
    understanding, making sense
    changing the peson4

Effective learners are likely to have a rich conception of learning, along with strengths in what researchers have identified as metacognition, self-monitoring and self-regulation. There are several thing that effect the learning performance of the office administration student. First is financial problem wherein the students are financial capable in supporting their studies and needs. The student don't have enough money to pay their tuition fees, school projects, photo copies, assignment, and other needs in school.Second is family problems. Family has a big part in students life. It affects their learning performance to catch up the lessons according to their daily lives. Crisis in family is one of the major problem why does the students fail to focus or give their 100% to understand the lessons.

Then time management. Most of the students are having difficulties in dividing their time of their academic and non-academic activities, rackets or partime job. This may result to the student a bad performance in school. There times that they missed the classes because of their partime job and other activities.Followed by the student habits, some of tha students don't read their books and lectures after school hours and didn't listen in class discuccion because of inproper used of gadgets like cellphones, tablets and ipads so they didn't understand much the lessons. Next is the student discipline. Some of the students didn't obey the school policies, rules and regulations, educational norms and school traditions. Then problem with the professors. Some students don't want to attend or don't want to listen to their professors because he or she is boring so that the student become not interested in the lessons, also when the professors are very terror and stressful the student's vission they found it hard to give their full focus in learning because of the way their professors discipline them. Peer pressure.

There are some students skip classes because their friends or classmates influence to just go to malls, playing computer games, drink alcoholic beveranges and other gimmics instead of attending classes. Romantic relationship. The students can't concentrate studying because they keep on thinking about their problems. The latter sometimes didn't attend class because of the heartache caused by their boyfriend or girlfriend. They didn't know how to handle such situations that bring them to fail their subjects. Second to the last thing are facilities and equipments. Most of the equipment and facilities such as rooms, laboratories, chairs, typewritters and computers are not suitable or limited for the population we have in our university. The students can't concentrate studying because of the noise outside the classroom that usually came from the school quadrangle. They may not acquire the actual knowledge and skills they need.

Lastly is educational psychology. It is the study of how the student learnin educational settings, the effectiveness of educational interventions, the psychology of teaching, and social psychology of schools as oganizations. Every individual has differences in learning. There are some students who easily underrstand the topic discussed inside the classroom and there are also students who can't understand the lessons that easy as others can and the problem is they don't even asking so they totally don't know what are the lessons discussed. The study of learning performance is for better improvement f office management student performance gaining knowledge.

It can enhance the self-esteem of the students to perform well. and enridh their studies. A focus on learning can enhance perfomance, whereas a focus on perfomance (alone) can depress performance. The effects of performance orientation include greater helplessness, reduced help-seeking, less strategy use, more maladaptive strategies and a greater focus on grade feedback. There is an increase strategic behaviour rather than learning behaviour, a focus on looking good rather than learning well, and a tendency to perceive education as a process of jumping through hoops, rather than something more transferable and lasting.


This part presents the conceptual framework and problem analysis of the study. The main research question is the thing that are affecting the gaining knowledge performance of the students. Sub topic research question such as financial problems, family problems, time management, problem with the professors, peer pressure, study habits, romantic relationship, student discipline, facilities and equipment and educational psychology have been found to have an effect on student's learning performance. It affects student learning performance in terms of time demanded and the psychological state they may cause.

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