Academic Life Essay

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Academic Life

New generation of students in university may change their major. When university starts a student is asked to succeed a certain type of courses or requirements to graduate. There is no dead line to take a new path. Thus, it can happen that suddenly for some reasons students change their major ; namely, due to the will of some parents, the student not having passing grades, and the student changing his mind. The first reason that leads a student to change his major may come from his parents. Sometimes children don’t have the choice to follow their own studies. They have to execute whatever their parents want. In this case, nothing is expecting from the child beyond to obey. When students are pushed like this, it mostly happens when a member of the family has previously succeeded well.

The child is placed in a position where he has to walk behind the one who was successful. Therefore, whatever the major the student has decided to take, the final decision belongs to the parents. The second cause is failing in class. Many students are not taking their academic life seriously enough to get passing grades. This situation shed light on the fact that there is no choice other than withdrawal the course and look for a new area where the student will feel more comfortable. Many reasons can be found for the failure of students ; however, their own responsibility was engaged when they have decided to pick those majors. As serious students, they should be aware of their behavior during the whole studies period. Accordingly to the cause of this paragraph, students may have no other solution than changing their way.

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The last and main cause that pushes a student to change his major is the changing of mind. University starts very early in a student’s life, so for this reason it can happen that his first choice of major was wrong. As a result, he can choose to change it by simply switching to another major and complete his studies. In this case, it is very important for the student to follow exactly the type of studies that suit him the best for his own success. For example, a student who applied for the Law course suddenly realizes that it doesn’t concur with his skills. The only escape is to find something more suitable. In other words, the choice of major is not permanent. Hopefully, every student can move to a new major without complications. It should be clear that even if it is an easy thing to do, it has to be taken with precaution because changing major imply a new education. It has many positives effects but it should remains in coherence with the studies of the student. Somehow, when it is easy for students, the good grades will follow.

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