Academic Goals to Achieve at UPOX

A successful company has good strategies and its mode of marketing. I believe the way we achieve our academic goals is similar as the way a company runs. We have strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats; a system for examining the way a company runs or the way someone works, to see what the good and bad points are. I usually exercise the modes of marketing of a company to my life and study. My ideas are come from those successful companies.

I would apply these strategies or ideas to my study mode in order to achieve my academic goals while I am attending at University of Phoenix. IKEA is using exoteric, free style to shoppers. When you step in IKEA, you couldn’t see a salesperson is always following a customer. Instead of, a fallow relaxing music to welcome each customer, they can take their time to enjoy shopping, to try on, and then make the decision. Same thing to our academic study, we always encounter stress.

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We need to find a way to release it, to manage it.

I acknowledge IKEA Egypt that the way it’s using. We should open our mind and accept the stress. When there is a lot of reading assignment, I choose the books and articles that I am interested. For those I don’t know and no interested, I will scam through. I will pick a nice and quiet place to finish the reading assignments, like a sanctum or library. This way is not only increasing my quantity of my reading, also improving my quality of reading.

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The importance is no pressure under the study.

Working in an unpressured environment is the solution to stress management. Stress management is not the only goal. Another academic goal is oral communication. Oral communication is the first step of success regardless to a company or a person, such as AT&T. They accept complains, comments and concerns, even they have surveys through phone. Its success credits to its customers, in which the method they improve the service quality. I apply the same role on my study. I need to discuss with my classmates and professors when I have questions.

For example, when there is a team assignment, I need to talk to my team members, like what are my opinions at the first place on that matter? Am I being active on the work? During the working, I can learn the strength from the team and realize my weakness. When a class is over, I would ask professor questions or a way to improve my studies. Communication is the key to achieve success. Collaboration is an indispensable element to students, especially at University of Phoenix. Every student who physically attends school will be assigned to a learn team.

For example, learn team in GEN 200, each of us belongs to a team, and the team has its own name. Collaboration is the act of working with another person or group to achieve something. Everyone contributes their skills and strengths to the team, and the weakness will be covered by another team member. Like multiple intelligences in Team Awesome, Travis has higher intelligence in interpersonal, Marcos is in logical-mathematical, Jessica is on intrapersonal, and myself is good at naturalistic.

We collect ideas from each of us when there is an assignment comes down, which we make the best decision into the best result for our work. I am sure I will learn the collaboration very well in my current class. Oral communication, stress management, and collaboration are the most important academic goals I want to achieve at UOPX. They are not only just my goals, they are also the basic tools to my success of study, and they are the skills I would use to my life and career.

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