Academic Expectations in Seattle University Essay

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Academic Expectations in Seattle University

Vision and mission statements are essential tools that the are found in most organizations and institutions such as universities.. Not only do they serve as mediums of the university goals, but also act as attractions for prospective students who have similar beliefs. Admitted students are expected to follow the rules and regulations set by the school, with the mission-vision as their guideline. Prospective students interested in entering Seattle University share similar beliefs with regards to the mission-vision statement set by the Jesuits.

In addition to this, students are expected to abide by the core guidelines, especially when acquiring a specific major. These values are commonly shared by Seattle University and the other American Universities as a general expectation from its students. The university is known for its world-renowned educational system, which includes equality among its students. Seattle University’s mission is to promote equality among its students in order to have a brighter future by caring and sharing with others. It does not matter whether or not students are smart or lack in their intellectual capabilities.

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As mentioned in their mission statement, the university is dedicated in educating an individual, as a whole person, and molding them into professionals who would help in the betterment of the world (Undergraduate Bulletin of Information 2007-2008, p. 8). Giving and receiving equal values toward the university’s education systems encourage students to study harder and learn more from their respective professors. The professors, in turn, assist the students and eventually help them achieve their goals. Eventually, the students develop a sense of competition in their studies with their peers.

This is to be taken in a positive note, for it makes the students more determined to excel in class. The competitiveness that is imbibed in their mind will help these students to aim higher and excel in their academics. Moreover, Seattle University has a vision of being an independent and premiere university in the Northwest for the quality of academic education it can give society (Undergraduate Bulletin of Information 2007-2008, p. 8). This clearly shows that the said University can provide service adequate for students and can eventually help them improve their academic and spiritual qualities.

The university’s education, as expected, also contains the teachings inspired by the Jesuit-Catholic community. Six values have been seriously inculcated at the Seattle University. These include academic excellence, care, faith, justice, diversity, and leadership (Undergraduate Bulletin of Information 2007-2008, p. 8). These values are a reflection of the academic education that the university provides its students and are essential for their success. Without these values, the university will have a smaller percentage of students who will successfully graduate from their respective degrees and programs.

First, the staff and the professors would put the students in their respective positions. They are positioned in a manner wherein they are able to interact with others and eventually share with them the knowledge and skills they posses. They learn to express themselves to their peers and this would eventually lead to building good relationships with each other. Sometimes, these would also result in the formation of clusters wherein they do school work such as problem solving together. Second, learning with active scholars will increase the our academic excellence.

According to the American Cultural Patterns, career related activities are also known as being active. It has been my belief that everything learned depends on its selectivity, whether these are great or active professors. Third, the university’s value of diversity provides students with a way to celebrate their excellence in education through the hard work and efforts done by the students, faculty, and the staff. Setting aside differences in race, color, culture, and belief will create equality among the students.

In addition to this, students are also opened to the belief that all people are equal and should not be discriminated simply because of their physical, mental, and intellectual differences. Fourth, as students, they must learn to have faith in their studies. Seattle University is run by Jesuit Catholics who are embodied with the teachings of the church. Students must learn to trust themselves and eventually have faith that they can do what is required of them. Prayer also helps these students grow spiritually closer to God.

This foundation will eventually help students fight off their own demons and live a spiritual life. Fifth, Seattle University has set its own rules and regulations that its students must abide. Justice is served to those who need them, and those who are proven to have violated any of the rules and regulations of the school are punished. Academic crimes, such as cheating and plagiarism, are strictly taken care off by the university. Last, but not the least, Seattle University wants its students to be responsible and mature as optimistic leaders, who are also effective followers to their peers.

The must also be supportive, helpful, and willing to cooperate with the people they work with. Students are also expected to follow the rules and regulations introduced to them by the university. This also includes the fact that they must follow their advisors, especially in terms of the courses they should take in obtaining their Bachelor’s Degree. For one, Business Administration at Seattle University offers several majors. These include Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship, and International Business. Accounting is considered to be the most difficult major under this college.

The students under this course are required to take thirty five units of major classes which are fewer than those of the majors. Some of the subjects included are Acct 301– Accounting information system, Acct 311 – Intermediate Financial Accounting I, Acct 312 – Intermediate Financial Accounting II, Acct 330 – Cost Accounting, Acct 336 – Federal Income Tax I, Acct 420 – Controllership, and Acct 435 – Auditing I. These courses are imperative for an accountant to know by understanding the cash flow of the company. Some of these courses need to be taken in sequence, while others are not necessary.

Subjects follow a pre-requisite format so that the students may be able to understand the basics of Accounting before taking another subject that can be more difficult than the basics. Aside from taking all the major courses, there are other subjects that the students are required to take. These courses may not be part of their Accounting major, but are considered as essential parts, for they provide knowledge that may help students widen their intellectual and spiritual capabilities. These include: Theology and Religious Studies 200, Philosophy 220, Economic 271, and etc.

I believe that the above mentioned facts about the program will motivate the students to improve their craft and help them become successful accountants. Acquiring a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy is not as simple as it may seem. The degree requires its students to take 180 units of accounting subjects and another 10 units for its core curriculum. Seattle University has its own mission, vision, and six values that have influenced the education system. Students must learn to develop these values and eventually adapt to the school’s education systerm in order for them to be successful in their chosen career.

The university is able to share the same academic expectations undermined by the American values, such as care, academic excellence, diversity, faith, justice and leadership. Seattle University has also emphasized its belief for honesty and integrity among its students for each course. Equality, on the other hand, is accentuated on each student, regardless of their race, color, culture, and citizenship. These are the simple facts that Seattle University never fails to reflect on the performances of their students, both the old and the new.

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