Academic excellence guarantee successful life

Nowadays academic excellence among the young is given much importance. While it is perfectly acceptable to strive to achieve good academic results, the notion that only academic excellence guarantees a successful life is not true. Students are pressured into taking more subjects than they can handle and this causes immense pressure among our young.

The question is can this endeavour absolutely confirm a dynamic future? I disagree that academic excellence guarantee our successful life. This is because without academic excellence, people still can success in their life.

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With business also human can success. For example Bill Gates is the first founder of Microsoft in operating system computer. With create of the Microsoft computer and sell it he can become a successful businessman.

Besides that, people can success with through use their talent that they have. For example, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza our first singer in Malaysia become success with only use her talent without have academic excellence. From nothing, become popular and success as we know and see now.

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Besides as a singer, she also have own company.

She also be the ambassador of beauty product. Finally, someone also can successful in life without high education through family background. For example someone that born of wealth families, that have own company. Without excellence academic around this line of business can still succeed as long as they can in good governance. Through family-owned business also someone still can success in their life. Overall, not necessarily without academic excellence a person can’t success in their life. That has other way someone can success without academic excellence such as through talent,business or with background family.

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Academic excellence guarantee successful life

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