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Do you think that the academic qualification still can secure your future? For the old generation is YES but for the young generation is NO, they prefer to have a working experience rather than academic qualification. Nowadays, the majority of the company are trying to look at your personality and your working experiences first when they are doing the screening process in recruiting someone. So, from there we can know that academic qualification is not playing an important role anymore to determine a person’s successful career. Furthermore, it is better to travel a thousand miles than to read a thousand books as you will get a lot of experience and benefit while you are traveling. For example, you could expand your network while you are traveling, it would be very helpful for those entrepreneurs. A successful career is not going to be determined by the professional academic qualification, but it will be determined by an individual’s hobbies, personal ability, and mindset.

My Interest For Science, Mathematics And Computer Science
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My interest in Mathematics and Science goes back to the time I was at school. It was in 10th Grade, I secured 97% and 95% marks in mathematics and science respectively. As I have been inclined towards Science and Mathematics, it eased my selection of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as my main subjects for Higher Secondary Education. During this period, my analytical abilities and quantitative reasoning have been my innate strength benefiting me in understanding the basic concepts and allowing…...
Academic And Career GoalsComputer Science For ProgressMy Interest In Mathematics
My Academic and Career Goals
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Pages • 3
My name is Michael Chang Thao and I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point with a Web and Digital Media Development major and Computer Science minor. I earned a Network Support certification from Northcentral Technical College and I am COMPTIA A+ certified, MICROSOFT Certified Solutions Expert and CISCO Certified Network Associate. As a senior IT-Specialist at Noble Academy, my day consist of balancing the following roles as Server/Data/Security Administrator, Network Engineer, Computer Technician/Help Desk and…...
Academic And Career GoalsCareer GoalsEducational And Career Goals
Learning Style and Higher Education
Words • 1647
Pages • 7
The discussions and research about the term “learning style” at the higher education level are controversial and this has led to its use being elusive. Although many academics accept that it can be beneficial to the teaching/ learning process, they generally support its use in the lower levels of education such as in Primary and secondary schools. However, more recently, there has been a growing body of research on adult learners that suggests that increased learning gains can be achieved…...
Academic And Career GoalsAcademicsDifferent Learning StylesHigher EducationMy Learning StyleTeaching
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Instructional Objectives
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Instructional objectives may also be called performance objectives, behavioural objectives, or simply objectives. All of these terms are used interchangeably. Objectives are specific, outcome based, measurable, and describe the learner's behaviour after instruction. Instructional objectives serve as goals that teachers have set in the achievement of a greater goal. They also tell students what is expected of them. Instructional objectives make definite the direction in which teaching leads and become the focus of instruction, not only for the teachers, but…...
Academic And Career GoalsBehaviorBehaviour ManagementCareer GoalsEducationEducational Goals
Academic and Career Goals
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Academic and Career Goals Sometimes it seems like life is inhibiting me from achieving my goals. I define my objectives as I see them. I associate them with my values. Knowing that the task at hand is essential to realizing my dreams, but I am unable to do it. I have thought about other ways to get around the problem, I keep getting back to the talent I’m missing. Accomplishing a new ability might feel like a huge undertaking. It’s…...
Academic And Career GoalsAcademic Interests And GoalsAchieving goalsCareer Goals
Study Objective
Words • 1345
Pages • 6
“This section is very IMPORTANT. As part of the evaluation of your application, you are required to attach a one page (please do not exceed the one page limit) of a clear and detailed description of your study objectives. Give your reasons for wanting to pursue them in the U. S. Describe the kind of program you expect to undertake and explain how the proposed field of study fits in with your educational background, your future objectives, and your future…...
Academic And Career GoalsActivityEducationLearningResearchStudy Abroad
Why You Selected Your Major?
Words • 1532
Pages • 7
“Millions of people saw an apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why”, said Bernard Mannes Baruch (1870 – 1965) an advisor to more than 40 Presidents. And that is why I chose the major Engineering, because I just want to know why. Why do planes fly? Why does the Sun shine? I believe that Engineering is the answer to all of the scientific questions asked. The definition of Engineer is a person that is an expert in…...
Academic And Career GoalsAll About MeEngineeringMathPhysicsScience
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Academic Qualification Does Not Determine a Successful Career

We can’t deny that academic qualification plays an important role in our successful career due to the common perception in our society nowadays that only good academic results can help us find better jobs and have a bright future which full of success, but a person’s abilities and skills on their career that they had chosen can’t be determined by just their academic qualification. Nowadays while people are focusing on obtaining high grades on their studies, the majority of them had ignored that skills are also important in their career too. Skills can be categorized in many ways, for example, social skills, language skills, and computer skills. It is not guaranteed that an individual with the most A’s or perfect grades will get a job as some employers may employ workers based on their skills. This is because academic qualification is solely based on one’s performance in their respected schools, colleges, or universities. It is not based on what they are yet to execute in the working environment. (SakiraLicious, 2010) Although we had stated that skill is more important than academic results, that doesn’t mean that hardworking on studies is not necessary for obtaining success. A successful person never just focusing on their academic results but to gain knowledge and experience in other areas and they always think out of the box. It’s had been proven that people who are focusing on both academics and skills had a better job more than people who just only focusing on getting good academic results. In fact, people who got a poor result of “C” or “D” in their academic and had a bad performance in schools does not mean that they are that forever because every person had their specialty in a specific area that’s why we can’t use academic qualifications to determine a successful career when our career need more than just our own academic results. According to debatewise. org, it is stated that if we look into a directory of successful people who are doctors, engineers, and IT professionals, then we will notice that many of them dream to be employed by people like Bill Gates or Richard Branson, who are prosperous despite not having college degrees. (Debatewise. org, 2019)

Successful Career

As you can see, there are many people out there doing well in their lives without any flying colors academic qualifications. The reason was that these people are able to change their lives upon their own design of determination, redefine the social class and challenge the world. They survive in the world through observing and learning in the environment, inspiring many people with plenty of interests, backgrounds and cultures, and poor education. They might often fall and fail to achieve their goals, but most importantly they know their target and purpose, they never fail, they always learn something. They learn from their mistakes and try another strategy again, what does not kill them makes them stronger. They have never been satisfied to try before reaching the goal. These people never give up easily as most people do. Because of the realistic worldview, they know how to motivate themselves and gain confidence. Although these people lack academic qualifications, when they face employers in an interview, they can still convince employers to have confidence in their outstanding personality and well-prepared speech, so employers have no reason to resist them to be hired. That is the purpose of an interview. The interview used by the employer is not based on the academic background of the resume. They judge and value people from their personality, physical characteristics, and willingness to commit. Some graduate from the best universities in the world, but not all university students succeed in their lives, even if they act like they were very successful in the university in the past. Success is not determined by academic qualifications, but by luck and how hard you strive to be. Although students learned well and graduate with excellent grades, they still require to apply what they have learned to their actual work. If they lack confidence in themselves, the knowledge would be useless. Getting the job is just the very beginning, but the most important thing is what they have learned after all the thick and thins through the industry. Practice makes perfect, practice is obviously different from what they have learned in their lives and the industry, reading on books can barely apply.

Challenges of Globalization Era 

In this new era of globalization, a few people are ready to achieve in his or her existence without having any incredible scholarly foundation. The reason is that these individuals could completely change themselves and rethink social class with their own assurance, where they face this present reality. They tried to learn about the situation to survive in the world, meet different types of people with different interests, backgrounds, and cultures with the absence of instruction. Obviously, they fall regularly and sometimes neglect to accomplish their motivation, however, their point and object are self-evident. They gained from the failure and attempt again with new methodologies. They need thought and opportunity to help them achieve their goals. Success also depends on opportunities, and the opportunities are given by business visionaries who not really were exceptionally taught to the informed individuals to get flourishing. Schools just give a framework, for example, examinations, tests, marks, and different strategies yet the framework is constantly fixed. The job of understudies is to pursue the framework and the method for belief is the same. This present reality is adaptable and changes from time to time. 

A successful individual is an individual who gets himself or herself out from the crate of reasoning and fluctuates himself or herself with the stream of the world every now and then. Successful people like Bill Gates are successful despite not having a qualification. For example, the world’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates, is a person who dropped out from his studies and is ready to put himself as a successful icon to the world. Besides that, Mark Zuckerberg is the author of a well-known social media site called Facebook. Both of them were inadequate in their studies, but now they are well-known extremely rich people in the world. To be a successful person is to spend time with a good thinker to improve themselves and act on good thoughts. The fateful opening to follow up on promising contemplations is short. At the point when a decent idea emerges, it is critical to follow up on it rapidly. Besides, successful people always think about problems from the perspective of others. Not just for individuals. Successful people get experience from failure which significant disappointment makes the sense of self-break. Subsequently, people turn out to be increasingly humane. People will turn out to be more in contact with kindred individuals. It compels us to look further at things, understanding and thinking more about others as opposed to exclusively concentrating on themselves.

In the modern world, education qualification has always been the main aspect of people in order to achieve their life goals and live a successful life. But do you think that’s the only way you could succeed in your goals? As I explained earlier, the greatest achievement only comes with hard work, dedication, and failure. Many people have proven this for example Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and many more. Education qualification should be only a small factor in life to be successful and not fully depending on it. By this, I strongly oppose that education qualification determines a successful career.


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