Abundance of Cheap and Natural Resources

Abundance of cheap and natural resources, the large pools of labor from immigration, and the worlds large trade market are all factors that helped promote America’s huge industrial growth during the period from 1860 to 1900. During the industrial boom agricultural societies transitioned and became more industrialized and urban. By 1900, America’s population living in cities had increased from 6 to 40 percent. By 1920, most of Americans all lived in cities. The United States economy, power, and population grew rapidly changing our country forever.

The abundance of cheap and natural resources helped promote America’s increased period of industrialization from 1860 to 1900. Source B, provides a graph of evidence highlighting the increase of miles of railroad tracks during the revolution. Without steel or timber, railroads wouldn’t have been able to manufacture, proving the point of how sources helped growth during this time. Railroads allowed economic specialization and made mass production possible, without them America’s rural civilization would still be isolated and resources wouldn’t be transported as easily.

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Providing pie charts, Source E shows the increase in water and solar power during this time period and that this had a effect on the decrease of human power.

The invention of machines like the cotton gin and steel plow in factories, lowered the need for human labor. Also the invention of the light bulb allowed factories to stay open longer which considerably highered production volumes. Source A, supports this claim by stating the fact that “Everything that could be done to reduce labor movement of materials from one point to another was adopted.

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” The use of human labor was lowered by new machines designed to cut production time and lower operation cost. Since the “Laissez-Faire” policy determined the lack of government regulation, businesses were allowed flourish and grow at a rapid pace. Major companies sometimes gained so much production power that they could take over a whole industry like Andrew Carnegie did with Carnegie steel Company.

By 1900, almost three-quarters of the populations of many large cities consisted of immigrants and their children. According to Source F, American Immigration has gone up all the way to 8.8 million by 1990. This is because more labor means more economic production, immigrants coming into the U.S during this time were prime targets of major corporations. Although, immigration was very common during this time, it wasn’t always welcomed. Nativist believed that native-born americans were superior and new immigrants should not receive the same rights as others. Large companies often took advantage of immigrants and offered them job’s with low wages, unsafe working conditions, and brutal hours because they know there is a high demand for any kind of job opportunities when trying to settle in a unfamiliar country.

Most of the time highing anyone over the age of twelve, child labor was a big factor during the revolution that lead to many conflicts. As the development of transportation and production grew vastly, the need for commerce and trade did as well. The expansion of railroads helped stimulate other industries and helped with the trading and healthy transportation of food around our country. Domestic trade grew with the development of canals, improved railroads, and railways. The increase in communication also helped with development in trade markets. After examining source C, it is clear that Republicans thought the security of commerce was crucial for the development of the country.

However, the high levels of production by large companies during this time did reduce america’s dependence on imports. This period of rapid growth was a huge change for our country that marked the beginning of a new manufacturing process. Abundance of cheap and natural resources, the large pools of labor from immigration, and the worlds large trade market are all factors that helped promote America’s huge industrial growth during the period from 1860 to 1900. The Industrial Revolution was resulted in a great advance in our countrys economy, population, and resources.

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