Absorbent Mind essay Essay

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Absorbent Mind essay

Absorbent Mind

Mind- “The human consciousness that originate in the brain & is manifested especially in thought, perception, emotion, will, memory & imagination. The collective conscious and unconscious process in a sentiment organism that directs & influence mental & physical behaviour.” Guideline by Navadisha

Child’s aim:- Reproduction of adult or Self Construction

In child development Physical characteristics always accompanied with psychological characteristics. One of these characteristics is ‘Absorbent mind’.

Aim of first plane – Independence & Adaptation

For Achieving aims Nature given a dynamic power to child in his first plane of development

dynamic power-Absorbent Mind-

Means – manner of absorption or absorb the idea of sequence or attitude towards the existance


1 guiding for getting intelligence

2 help in creating behaviour by own (cause of not fixed)

3help in process of adaptation & self creation

1.Characteristics of absorbent mind:-

(in first Plane i.e called fundamental creation in process of self construction

Second embryonic life))

• Universal

• Disappear at the age of 6

• Works continuously even in sleeping

• Work tirelessly

• Can not withdraw or erase/convert/replace

• Instantaneous

• No capacity of discriminate & judgment/non selective

• Different form adult’s mind

• Adopt from purposeful environment –

adaptation of language /movement/social behaviour/order

• Collecting raw food from environment

• Voluntary

• Not measurable

• No alteration

• Capturing everything

• No sequence

• Invisible

• Enthusiasm for absorption

• Permanent

• Propels by nature

• global

Analogy:-sponge, camera, spotlight, photographic plate

• Difference between child’s mind & adult’s mind

What derive these fundamental aspects:-

1. Link to love

• Born with love for environment

• Immerse himself with everything present there

• With open arms accepting the experience whatever is coming on their way

• Involvement with full of energy & enthusiasm

• Everything is wonder & glowing

• Inner urge( created by nature) in child force him towards work

• Inexhaustible work

2. conscious will arrived in 2.5yrs, nature reciedes

3. special kind of memory occurs I.e MNEME- unconscious memory

1. unique for 1st plane

2. Vital capacity

3. Limitless impulsive

4 power of retention (locked up for whole life)

Absorbent mind is creative in nature which helps building the human characteristics without selection. Starts in the womb itself.

Adaptation of environment:-

Two phases

|Birth to three |Three to six | |Unconscious phase |Conscious phase/conscious worker | |No will |Life begins again/ time of exploration –powers given by nature | |No intelligence |Will/intelligence takes place | |New child for new day |Capacity –choose/move/aware | |Creating unconsciously |concentration | |Certain adaptation in place- |integration(help in usage of capacities) | | |Exercise on real activities |

Aspects of Adaptation (functions of absorbent mind):-

|Acquisition of Movement |Acquisition of language
|Acquisition of social behaviour | |Born with reflexible movement, Sucking , breathing,|Language creator |Emotions & emotional stablity | |rooting ,touching startled | |Safe & secure | |Voluntary movements-mind driven |Observe lip movements |Culture/intellectual | |Forms mental development |From sea of sounds-attracts towards human |Spritiual / time/ place | | |language | | |Focusing on human way of doing |tone |order | |Absorbs every movement present in environment/ base|Hearing/expressions /integration | | |is same | | | |Senses help in mental development |Absorb surrounding language | | |0-3 manner/ 3-6- decide to develop |Tool of gradually building language | | |Specific way of movement but base is same |3-6 – refine & use in own way |3-6 – incartion in conscious phase |

Adult’s Role:

Understand the role of absorbent mind in child’s development

Help him to create great foundation in first stage of development

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